Why Your Kitchen Needs A Black Kitchen Worktop

black kitchen worktop

Black has long been associated with coolness and trendiness – after all, where else would we get the phrase “the new black”? It applies to worktops too; here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got a wide variety of black kitchen worktops amongst our frankly massive range. This week on the blog, we thought it was worth a quick look over what makes them so eternally popular – and which ones you can look at for yourself!

The Undeniable Style Of Black Kitchen Worktops

black sparkle

Black is far more versatile than most people might first realise – it all depends on how you use it. It can be an elegant alternative to brighter, more vibrant colours, and can give your kitchen a more conservative, sophisticated air. One of the greatest benefits of black kitchen worktops is that with a careful eye, they can complement almost any style or colour scheme. If you’ve got an otherwise clean and contemporary kitchen, using black kitchen worktops to accent it can give them an especially impressive, commanding presence. This ultra modern, dramatic look fits especially well into monochrome kitchens. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a bit more colour in your kitchen with kitchen cabinets or furniture, black can serve to highlight it and give it that extra punch, helping your kitchen to make a real visual impact.

Don’t forget though, if you’ve got black kitchen worktops it’s best not to go too heavy on the colour throughout other aspects of your kitchen. It absorbs a lot of light and like any other commanding colour, it needs to be used sparingly to keep its impact, otherwise it can just end up making your kitchen look dark and depressing.

Black Kitchen Worktops Are Particularly Practical

cleaning worktops

Black kitchen worktops are a great idea for the same reason that brand spanking new white trainers can sometimes seem like a bad one; basically, black hides dirt and stains far better than white. The eye can skip over all sorts of stains, scratches and even cracks if they’re on a black background, whereas white shows them up as if they were under spotlights.

Your kitchen worktops can be subject to a lot of punishment, so the reduced pressure in hiding this day to day damage will honestly start to make black worktops feel incredibly convenient after even a short space of time. You’ve got regular wear and tear, heat damage from hot pans, cooking and spills, all of which you can get away with for quite a while with a black worktop. That means they’re easy to maintain, more convenient, and they look no less fantastic than any of the other kitchen worktops in our range. If you’re thinking about a change for your kitchen worktop, there are lots of reasons to go back to black!

Amongst our recommendations here at Savoy Timber are our Black Sparkle Gloss Laminate Kitchen worktop, as well as our Black Slate Matt 30mm Laminate Kitchen worktop, both of which have brilliant track records amongst our customers. That’s not all your options though – you can also pop into any one of our stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan to see what else we’ve got in our inventory, where our friendly members of staff are always on hand to help!

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