When’s the best time to replace your kitchen worktops?

High gloss laminate worktops: our pick of the best

Even the most durable of laminate kitchen worktops won’t last forever, so you may well find there comes a time when you decide you have to replace them. Telling exactly when to do so, though, can be a challenge in itself! Below, we’ve listed a couple of key circumstances and signs to look out for, all of which should give you a better idea of when’s the most opportune time to replace your laminate kitchen worktops.

1. When they start to crack

While you can expect to have your kitchen worktops give you years (even decades) of reliable service, there will eventually come a time when they’ll start to show the signs of their age. One of these is quite dramatic, in that you may start spotting visible cracks along their surface. This is not only unappealing to look at, but poses a health risk, too. Dust, dirt, food particles and other various bits of detritus can become lodged in there, which can lead to bacteria starting to accumulate. Given that you’re preparing food on there, it’s far from ideal! If you start noticing cracks in your laminate worktops, it’s probably time to start thinking about replacing them.

2. When you notice other signs of visible damage

Let’s be honest, we all spill stuff from time to time. You’d have to be a superhuman not to. Happily, most of the time, this doesn’t leave permanent damage on our kitchen worktops, especially since laminate is so easy to clean. But if it happens enough times, or the substance itself is particularly acidic or corrosive, it can start eventually leave stains that don’t quite fade. Red wine, coffee and beetroot or lemon juice can all be major culprits for this!

Meanwhile, laminate surfaces can be permanently marked by setting hot pans down on top of them. Sometimes, these can be smoothed over, or fade on their own, but not always! This sort of irreparable damage isn’t necessarily a danger, but can be an eyesore in an otherwise perfectly maintained kitchen.

3. You’re considering a kitchen refresh

Of course, not all worktops are worn down to the proverbial bones before they have to be replaced. You might simply be considering an update of your kitchen, or at least an overhaul to its look. Your cabinets, doors and worktops are some of the biggest influences on your kitchen’s overall style, but if for whatever reason you’ve decided not to do the cabinets and doors (it can all be quite an expensive task in one go, after all), you might be surprised at how big of a change you can make simply by replacing your worktops!

grey worktops

4. You’re preparing to sell your house

Spring and summer can be a very popular time of year for house sales, which makes this a particularly relevant one right now! If you’re selling your home and your kitchen worktops are outdated or damaged, it can be a very smart move to get them replaced. True, it is another cost you’ll have to deal with, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the kitchen is one of the major rooms upon which buyers base their decisions. If it’s looking outdated or in poor repair, that could very easily affect your chances of a sale! Replacing them could not only increase your sale chances, but could even raise the value of your house. It’s worth considering!

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