What Is A Solid Engineered Core?

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At Savoy Timber, we get a lot of questions on the shop floor about certain topics, and recently we’ve found one question pops up more than any other. Essentially, a solid engineered core is a vital component of our engineered doors. Wait, don’t go away – we’re not done! Engineered doors are specially constructed from variety of wood types, in order to make a final product which has a significant number of advantages over normal solid wood doors. In this week’s blog, we’re taking a moment to outline some of the key ones for you.

A Key Piece Of Engineered Doors

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As you’d expect, engineered doors are more or less exactly what they sound like. Rather than solid wood doors – which are made up of a single block of wood – an engineered door is assembled from several different wood species, which are formed into a single composite (or ‘engineered’) core. Then, the core’s exterior is covered with an outer layer of high-quality wood, which is referred to as the ‘veneer’. Most engineered cores are a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods and allow, for example, a chipboard core to be overlaid with a solid oak veneer. An engineered door with a solid-oak veneer looks just as top-notch as a through-and-through solid oak variant, which is one of the many reasons why engineered doors are so popular with thousands of our customers here at Savoy Timber.

The Advantages Of Solid Engineered Core Doors

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There’s no shortage of benefits that you can enjoy from an engineered door. We’ve already touched on one above in terms of its appearance, but its cost effectiveness can also be a real deciding factor. That’s the great thing about engineered doors – the differences between the inner and outer layers mean that you can get the look of any number of solid oak doors, but with none of the associated higher costs.

What’s more, engineered doors are far more stable than their solid wood counterparts; they’re less prone to shrinking, swelling or otherwise warping because of the diverse range of materials that go into their construction. Engineered doors can also be somewhat tougher than solid wood doors. Wood splits easily along the grain – as anyone who’s ever chopped firewood before can tell you – but the thing with engineered doors is that they’re made of several different wood grains that all run in different directions. That means it requires more force to mark, which is what produces this exceptional toughness.

Another famed advantage of engineered doors is their improved thermal insulation, keeping warm rooms warm and cool rooms cool. It’s this last bit that makes them especially handy for summer! Finally, engineered doors are environmentally friendly too. The wood that would be harvested for a single solid wood door can be enough to form the veneer for several engineered doors. If you’re thinking about getting an engineered door, it’s just one more reason to give yourself a pat on the back. (Though we appreciate that can be tricky at the best of times.)

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