What is a solid core laminate worktop?

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Laminate worktops are a popular choice for many kitchen renovation projects because of the look, cost, versatility, and durability over other materials. The process of creating laminate worktops now allows for them to be made in a solid core.

But, you might be wondering what is a solid core laminate worktop and are there any benefits to purchasing one?

What is a solid laminate worktop?

As you may know, laminate worktops are typically particle or chipboard covered in a laminate coating. Solid core is different from regular laminate in that there is no particle board in the centre.

A solid core worktop is made by layering Kraft paper and phenolic resin. Then a decorative paper and overlay paper are placed on either side coated with a melamine resin. Once this process is completed the result is an ultra-thin 12.5mm worktop that is durable, waterproof and stylish.

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How can you use a solid core worktop?

There’s many ways you can use your solid core worktop beyond just a working surface in your kitchen. Unlike with traditional laminate you can use solid core for a much wider range of your projects because of the durability and waterproofing of the surface.

For example, with a traditional laminate worktop you cannot undermount a sink because the surface isn’t waterproof and the chipboard doesn’t hold together when it comes in contact with water. However, with a solid core worktop you can undermount sinks! This new way of making laminate means it can now compete with other surfaces like stone, granite, wood, concrete or types of worktops.

As a savvy DIYer you may also be interested to know that you can use solid core worktops for a range of other kitchen projects like cabinet cladding, floating or open shelving, up stands and splashbacks, and even kick plinths!

What are the benefits of a Zenith worktop?

There are many benefits to choosing a solid core worktop, like Zenith for your kitchen!

The first major benefit of Zenith worktops is the waterproofing! Because, there’s no chipboard in the middle it is less prone to damage from water around the sink and you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. Additionally, you can even add drainer grooves directly into the worktop making it more a convenient and versatile option.

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Another benefit of a Zenith worktop is the fact installation can be done quickly and easily by an on-site kitchen fitter. The worktop doesn’t require any special tools to fit and doesn’t need to take additional time to be cut to size like granite or quartz! This can save you time, money, and can mean you have a new worktop in your kitchen fast.

If you want to fit an undermounted sink with grooved drainage in your kitchen but don’t want the price tag of granite or quartz then a Zenith worktop might be just what you’re looking for! At Savoy Timber we stock a wide range of Zentih worktops in a large range of colours, textures, and styles to fit with almost any kitchen! You can even purchase Zenith compact worktop samples to test in your kitchen before you buy.

You can pop by any of our stores in Blackpool, Wigan or Preston and can speak with our friendly staff to find out more about this worktop range!