Why A Pergola Is The Perfect Addition To Your Decking Area

why a pergola is the perfect addition to your decking area feature image

It’s a personal opinion, but at Savoy Timber we’ve always considered pergolas to be a hugely underestimated addition to the average garden. Part of their beauty lies in their versatility – though they’ve got tonnes of usage in the summer months, they’re equally practical in the winter, too, making them an excellent investment all year round. In this blog, we’ve outlined just a few of their most attractive benefits.

Amongst the main advantages of a pergola are:

  1. It defines the space in your back garden
  2. It provides valuable shade
  3. It’s a great platform for plant-life
  4. It adds design options to your decking
  5. A pergola is affordable and easy to install

Persuaded yet? Well, don’t stop here…!

A Pergola Defines Space In Your Back Garden

While decking does a pretty good job itself of separating out the space in your back garden, a pergola can give it an extra dimension by turning it into an outdoor ‘room’. With a pergola, you can create a clearly-defined space for eating, reading or entertaining. Because of the lack of walls and solid roof, this space doesn’t have to feel closed-off or confined, either. Well, not unless you want it to – a screen, fabric or carefully-placed latticework can give you some much-wanted privacy, if that’s what you’d prefer

Pergolas Make Decking Look A Bit Shady

As you can probably tell at a glance, the amount of shade the pergola provides on its own is fairly limited. But at the right times of day it can certainly help to keep the sun out of your eyes, and again there’s no reason you can’t give it a bit of help by draping sun-blocking fabrics over the top beams. What’s more, the bare-bones structure of the pergola alone means that it doesn’t necessarily have to block your view of blue skies or star-specked nights.

In fact, as long as you’ve got a study-enough fabric, this can make it handily all-round weatherproof, able to absorb reasonable amounts of rainfall too. Not only does it keep the worst weather off your own head, but it also protects and extends the lifespan of your decking, too.

Make Your Garden Look Even Greener

One of the most popular and talked-about advantages of pergolas is their ability to provide a physical platform and support for a wide variety of plant-life, especially climbing vines, flowers and ivy. This makes your pergola look even more attractive, and adds an extra dimension of life and character to your decking area.

A Pergola Provides Even More Decking Design Options

It’s not just plants that are given an extra platform – it opens the door for a whole range of other decorations too, in the form of whatever takes your fancy. In the summer you can drape it with lighter fabrics that can give it a calming, ethereal look, or hang plant-pots and small lights from the upper reaches (obviously though, we’d advise making sure that the weight of these is nothing too ambitious – your pergola needs to be able to take the weight!). In the Christmas season, you can even wind fairy lights or tinsel around it.

Pergolas Are Affordable And Easy To Install

You don’t have to break the bank – or your back – to get a pergola up standing on your decking area. And with our Traditional Pergola Kit, we’ve made sure that it’s not only easy on your wallet, but also especially easy to assemble, so you’re not spending days puzzling over how to put it together. That’s what we call DIY Made Easy!

At Savoy Timber, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of decking kits and accessories, so that your ideal decking project is always within your reach. Meanwhile, staff at our locations in Blackpool, Wigan and Preston are always happy to provide expert advice wherever and whenever needed – all you have to do is pop in and ask!

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