Are real wood worktops right for your home?

Are real wood worktops right for your home

Real wood worktops are experiencing a revival. Interior design is going back to beautiful basics with organic materials, natural textures, and statement fittings that are made to last.

While oak kitchen worktops might at one time have been the preserve of the traditional farmhouse kitchen, homeowners are finding new ways to incorporate stunning timber into a range of designs.

But are real wood worktops the right choice for your home? Getting your kitchen done is a major investment, so we’ve broken down some of the facts on our oak worktops to help you make the right decision.


The benefits of real wood kitchen worktops

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Every material used for kitchen worktops has its pros and cons, but quality hardwood kitchen worktops present a range of benefits that are well worth bearing in mind:

They’re beautiful – Whether you want to blend neutral tones seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen or make them a stand-out feature.

They’re versatile – blocked oak worktops add a welcome touch of warmth and texture to modern kitchens. For rustic kitchens, they’re a must-have feature, bringing the whole room together.

They’re natural – our kitchen worktops are made from quality hardwood timber and nothing else, so they’re great for your home and even better for the environment.

They’re sustainable – our materials come from sustainable forests, and many of our products are accredited by leading environmental bodies including The Forest Stewardship Council.

They’re not as high maintenance as you think – real wood worktops get a bad rap but a bit of sanding back and oiling once or twice a year will give you stunning results time and again.

They last for years – while other materials may fade and chip, our blocked oak worktops can be repaired and refreshed, meaning they’ll be there – and just as beautiful – for years to come.

Kitchen worktops from Savoy Timber

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At Savoy Timber, we’re committed to helping you find the best materials for your job. If you’re considering a new look for your kitchen, then why not see if our striking blocked oak worktops are right for you?

Made from responsibly sourced solid oak, our real wood worktops are a quick and easy way to add warmth and character to your home. We’ve got traditional rounded-edge work surfaces and contemporary, square edge worktops that will set off sleek, minimalist kitchens perfectly.

Experienced staff at our in-house fabrication workshop can add the finishing touches to your timber, profiling the edges, rounding the corners, and jointing your kitchen worktops to ensure the perfect fit. We offer nationwide delivery on all our products, too, so you can enjoy hassle-free service – as well as beautiful new laminate kitchen worktops.

Want to find out more about our blocked oak worktops? Chat to us on Twitter @SavoyTimber or call us on 0345 0268 799.