Practical Projects For Your Leftover Decking Boards

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DIY can be a bit of an imprecise art sometimes, and we get that no matter how experienced you are, you might sometimes have parts left over. (It’s less excusable if you’re, say, a surgeon.) We don’t like waste at Savoy Timber; it’s one of the reasons we’ve got FIRA Gold Certification on our products. That’s why this week on the blog, we’ve got a few ideas to help you creatively cut down on waste from scrap wood. If you don’t think of yourself as being terribly handy, don’t worry – we’ve included suggestions for all abilities!

Scrap Wood Projects For The Back Garden And Outside


We think you’ll like our first suggestion. It’s is an excellent all-rounder – and what’s more, you don’t even need any particular woodworking skill. You’ll find that scrap wood left over from decking projects can be quite easily be put to work as a makeshift path; just a few boards, horizontal and evenly spaced from each other, can create a lovely bit of character to a garden.

If you’ve got a bit more ambition and the tools to do it, you can also create a bit of garden furniture with your scrap wood decking boards. Who knows, maybe they’ll make excellent complements to your new decking! Leftover scrap wood can be repurposed to make a long bench. (If you’re not that confident in your skills, it might be wise not to make it too high – in that case, if it gives way it’s unlikely to give anyone anything more than a bruise.) If you are feeling confident, on the other hand, a scrap wood armchair can be a great point of pride for you to point out to any visitors.

Scrap wood and decking boards can also make valued additions to the garden shed. It doesn’t take too much effort to fashion a simple open-topped scrap wood toolbox, and it takes even less to join a couple of leftover decking boards and make a tool rack to hang in your shed.

Scrap Wood Projects For The House

picture frame

Unlike outside scrap wood projects, house projects can skew from the slightly less practical side of things into the slightly more arty. At Savoy Timber though, we reckon our ideas straddle the line quite nicely.

Linking neatly into our storage ideas for tools we mentioned just a moment ago, they have their homely counterparts, too. Leftover decking boards can make great DIY shelves, and their lovely timber colour can give them a bit of extra character too. Or, you can flip them 90 degrees and with just a few extra additions, they can make great coat racks!

Continuing on the furniture theme, coffee tables are a popular use for scrap wood. Not only are they relatively easy to make, but they’re also fairly low-stakes (as long as you don’t physically have your tea resting on them when a screw shakes loose). Longer leftover decking boards can also be used to edge a tall mirror, while shorter ones can be joined together at right angles to create DIY picture frames.

Of course, the actual execution is all up to you – we’re just throwing out some of our own favourite ideas!

We daresay we’re pretty handy ourselves at Savoy Timber, which you can see just from a glance at our huge range of products. What’s more, all of our decking kits come packaged with a full set of instructions, so you can get your decking project up in no time, no matter how DIY-savvy you are. Don’t forget, if you need a helping hand or a friendly word of advice, you can visit any of our stores in Blackpool, Wigan or Preston, where one of our members of staff will be happy to provide just that!

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