How to decorate with mustard tones

mustard chair

Fashions in interior design can change from season to season, but one colour scheme that’s become increasingly popular over a number of years now is – interestingly – mustard. Now, obviously mustard is most commonly seen as a form of yellow, and that makes it a big no-no for many people right off the bat. And it’s true, mustard tones can be very easy to get wrong! But used sparingly, it can look great on everything from your walls and furniture to your interior doors. Here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got some of our own top tips on how to get the best out of decorating in mustard tones!

Make a bold entrance

Every successful person knows that first impressions count – a theory that applies to our homes. The first thing that people see as they walk into a room is the door that they push open to enter, which is why your internal doors are perhaps the most important fittings in your property. High quality internal timber doors come in a variety of designs and with prices to suit all budgets, but they all have a timeless style about them, and that can be accentuated when they have a mustard colour scheme. Mustard is a perfect hue for timber as it’s a natural tone which gives a warmth to the wood underneath, and for that reason, it’s eye-catching without being distracting.

Create an exciting contrast with mustard and violet

If you decorate your home almost exclusively with one colour or shade, it can become overwhelming, which is why although mustard is a tone which will look good in any home, it can be even more aesthetically pleasing when teamed with another colour. Artists have long known the pleasing effect that contrasting colours create when in proximity, which is why they use the time-old trick of colour wheels. To use a colour wheel, find your chosen shade and see what colour is exactly opposite on the wheel, then use them together to create contrasts that are also complementary. For mustard, the opposing colour is violet. Try pairing mustard toned interior doors with violet walls, lamps or ornaments and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective and relaxing the combination can be.

mustard background

Upcycle your furniture

As we’ve seen, mustard is a perfect colour for decorating your interior doors with, whether you have Victorian style doors or contemporary wooden doors, and it goes particularly well with violet, but it’s too good to be used on your internal doors alone. Upcycling furniture is all the rage as it allows you to stamp your own personality and tastes on tables and more, and as it’s recycling ready-made furniture, it’s good for the environment too. Mustard table tops can look great with white painted or natural wood coloured legs, and they will increase the impact that your mustard doors have on the room as a whole as well.

Mustard is becoming an increasingly popular choice in stylish homes across the country, from superior quality internal doors to walls, tables and chairs. One reason for this love of mustard is that it’s a warm and welcoming colour that’s more subtle and exciting than brighter shades of yellow, and it can lift the spirits of anyone who sees it. So will it work for your home? We’ll leave you to be the judge! And if you’re looking at switching up the style of your interior doors, we’ve got a fantastic range of them right here at Savoy Timber. You can shop them right here on our site, or alternatively swing by any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan to see them for yourself!