The Difference Between Edge Profiles Of Kitchen Worktops

the difference between edge profiles of kitchen worktops

When it comes to choosing your kitchen worktops, their edge profiles play a really important role in the types of styling and practicality they provide to your kitchen. Here, we’ve collected some information on the most popular edge profiles we deal with here at Savoy.

Single Pencil Edge Profile (or Pencil Round) Worktops

single pencil edge profile

This is one of the most popular edge profiles we sell or fabricate; it consists of a broadly straight finish with some minimal rounding – usually the top 2/3mm are rounded off. In terms of style, the Single Pencil combines the clean planes of a straight-lined worktop without any of the harsher sharpness, giving it a slightly softer feel and appearance and making it suitable for a wide range of interior kitchen styles. It’s this famed versatility and practicality that makes it so widely popular on a national level.

Bullnose Edge Profile Or Half Bullnose (Waterfall) Worktops

The Bullnose takes this curved design element one step further – it’s notably more rounded than the single pencil edge, dramatically arcing over itself to form a worktop with a single, completely unbroken curve. Bullnose are fantastic for use in conjunction with curved cabinets, as they help to convey a more fluid, contemporary impression by neatly offsetting the straight planes of the worktop. It’s also perfect for a busy kitchen, as there are no sharp edges on the top or bottom for frantic children or busy adults to bump into. It won’t necessarily make the kitchen’s occupants completely immune to injury, but it will certainly soften the blow!

The Half Bullnose (or Waterfall) takes a similar shape but the curve only extends out from the top, leaving the bottom flat and giving the Waterfall its name. The effect is much the same; giving your countertop a gentle curve that runs down to the side of your kitchen island or counters – it’s equally well suited to a contemporary look for your kitchen.

Square Edge Profile Worktop

square edge worktop

The Square profile is seeing an increasing rise in popularity in traditional and modern kitchens alike. It gives the kitchen a solid look and feel, with clean and simple lines that work well with stone and composite worktops. When supplying you with a square edge kitchen worktop, our engineers will still ease the top edges just slightly, though not as dramatically as we would for other designs. This is because a completely square worktop would be quite sharp, and therefore increase the risk of injury. Rounding it off just slightly not only reduces the risk of injury, but also makes the worktop itself less prone to chipping and breakage.

Single Bevel Edge Profile

The Single Bevel features a small chamfer that eases the corners of an otherwise square design, creating a timeless impression that’s equally well suited to traditional and contemporary kitchens. It provides some geometric styling without sacrificing clean lines; giving your kitchen worktops a touch of elegance without drawing the eye too much, thereby allowing you to draw attention instead to a different focal point in your kitchen.

At Savoy, we have a wide range of laminate kitchen countertops to suit a range of styles and designs. Our countertops are either sold with these edge profiles already installed, or we can create them with our worktop fabrication service. Feel free to browse our site, or give us a call on 0345 0268 799, and we’ll be happy to help any way we can!

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