How To Create The Ideal Family Kitchen

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Your kitchen plays a vital role in your home, and when you have a family, it takes on a particularly vital significance. Research shows that evening mealtimes make up a key part of a child’s development; reinforcing family values and giving them opportunities to practice their communication. So it’s important to give it the consideration it deserves when designing your kitchen for a family home.

Keeping Kitchens Spacious And Functional

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The very first thing you’ll want to consider is space. There are other major factors – like functionality, safety and cleanliness – but how you manage them is always dictated by how you first manage your available space. You’ll want to give yourself enough to have a safe and comfortable food preparation area with minimal chance of interruption. Have you got enough room on your kitchen worktops to cook properly? Your family is likely to have some staple meals that all of you like, so it’s always a good idea to set up for those to make sure everything is properly within reach.

However, as well as organising your worktops, you should also ensure that there’s enough breathing room around the dining table. Arguably, this is even more important, as a good dining experience is what the act of cooking itself is always working towards. Whatever you serve up, your family won’t enjoy it if they don’t have comfortable elbow or legroom. While you’re doing that, consider how people are going to get to and from their seats. Will they have to move round each other to get there? Have younger children got enough room to run around – as indeed they’re often prone to? Is there anything they could knock over or accidentally damage (including themselves) if they did so?

Keeping Kitchens Efficient And Safe

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Speaking of space, this is also a good time to look at your available storage. Make sure that it’s organised and efficient – children are famously impatient when it comes to getting food on time, and what’s more having a system will help you notice more quickly when something has been moved or gone missing. Appliances fall into this category too – you’ll definitely want a fridge that’s big enough to store food for all of you, as well as a freezer to cheat time on those pesky sell-by dates.

While you’re looking at your cupboards, set some space aside for the more dangerous or sharp items you might keep around your kitchen. Lock away any large knives or similarly worrying implements that you might need – if they must be out, make sure they’re kept high out of reach (common places for them are generally in the far corners of your kitchen worktops). Finally, try and sort things so that you can deal with mess quickly and effectively, making sure that your kitchen will be relatively easy to clean. There’s a reason why a lot of family homes have more traditionally styled kitchens – lighter, contemporary styles tend to show up spills and grime far more easily!

To that end, we at Savoy Timber have got some perfect worktops for you. Our real wood worktops give your kitchen a rich, characterful feel without sacrificing any of the functionality, while our laminate worktops offer a different but equally unique style – while still being effortlessly easy to clean!

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