The Best Summertime Accessories For Your Garden Decking

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It’s fair to say British summertime is a bit notorious on the international stage – as a nation, we’re not known for the length or intensity of our summers. All the more reason, then, to enjoy the time as much as you can on your decking. This week at Savoy Timber, we’ve taken the liberty of recommending some summer-specific essentials for you to splash out on in the coming weeks!

Garden Pergola

pergola kit

We’re starting strong with an old summer favourite – the ever versatile Pergola kit. Depending on your budget, it can be as modest or sophisticated as you like. While the semi-permanent, solid-structure versions definitely make an impression, you won’t be losing out by going cheap and cheerful either. After all, its main job is to give you a bit of a break from the scorching summer sun, and both types are equally up to the task. Ultimately, how flashy you want things to be from there is entirely up to you!

Kids Sandpits And Paddling Pools


We’re continuing right along the same track with two classically summery ways for your kids to while away the day. You can set them up on the grass nearby or on your garden decking itself – depending on the age of your children, they can always be within arm’s reach if something goes a bit pear-shaped. There’s nothing children like more than splashing about in knee-high water, or building overly-ambitious sandcastles. And the best thing about them is that they both only need the most cursory of clear ups afterward. Water quickly dries, especially in hot weather, whereas sand can be swept up within just a few minutes.

Quick word of advice from us here at Savoy Timber: if you decide to go for the sandpit option, just make sure you’re sitting upwind. Just in case.

Cosy Garden Chairs & Furniture

garden furniture

We’ve nothing against patio furniture; most of the year it does the job perfectly well. It’s serviceable, it’s reliable and it’s weatherproof. But with all this lovely sunshine now washing over the lawn, wouldn’t you want something more comfortable to kick back in? Maybe there’s a particular armchair in the living or dining room you’ve got your eye on, that might be equally comfortable outside. You might as well take advantage of the weather while it’s around – combine the best of your garden with the best of your living room!

A Barbecue Or Grill

positioning barbecue

Let’s get cooking! Nothing says ‘summer’ like a quintessential British barbecue. It can be a large scale family get-together, a quiet one with one or two friendly neighbours, or just for you and your household. In case you’re worried about your decking catching fire from a stray spark, don’t worry – you shouldn’t be! A previous blog of ours goes into more detail, but basically it’s just a matter of not all woods being the same; whether hardwood decking or softwood, your decking is designed not to go up like a flare at the merest hint of a spark. Grill away!

Of course, you might find none of these to your fancy – or you might find all of them. It’s all up to you! Most of all, it’s just a matter of enjoying your decking to the maximum in some glorious summer sunshine. Don’t worry, you’ve still got a long couple of weeks of it ahead!

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