Easy Ways To Accessorise Your Laminate Kitchen Worktops

easy ways to accessorise your laminate kitchen worktops feature image

So, you’ve got your eye on a worktop – maybe it’s even already sitting in your kitchen. But…looks a bit bare, doesn’t it? Well, at Savoy Timber we’ve got a couple of suggestions on how to fix that, and help your kitchen look a bit more likely. It doesn’t need to be anything handmade or artisan – it’s more about choosing a few bits and bobs that fit the style you’re going for.

Kitchen Worktops That Are Back In Black

black worktops

Ah, black kitchen worktops. That quintessential cool colour. We like our black laminate kitchen worktops here at Savoy Timber, and if our sales are anything to go by, you do too! The monochrome is quite a popular look amongst a lot of our customers; kitchen cabinets, for example, can be painted white to give your kitchen a real sense of dramatic impact. To accessorise further, you’ve got your salt and pepper shakers, which are monochrome by nature. (Perfect!)

Of course, if you’re going for the monochrome look it doesn’t mean absolutely everything has to be in black and white – you can add a couple of dashes of colour in there with some pot plants, or a smart grey tea-towel.

Shades Of Grey With Industrial Chic

boston concrete

This is a real on-trend kitchen style at the moment, and it’s no wonder. We’re big fans of it here ourselves at Savoy Timber, as you’ll already know if you’ve read our previous blog on industrial-chic style. For this sort of kitchen, hardy industrial greys are the main choice of colour for your kitchen worktops. (If you’re going for more of a delicate sense of style, you may want to take a quick peek at our brand new Boston Concrete UltraSlim worktop. Trust us, it’s worth it!)

With industrial kitchens, it’s all about exposed brickwork, copper pipes running along the ceiling, and brass pendant lights. But that’s if you want to go the whole hog. If you’re more concerned with keeping things small, some small copper accents are going to look great. Think of a couple of copper pans hanging along the wall, for example, or a classy grey kettle with a copper handle.

Meanwhile, old-fashioned knife blocks, brass or copper draining racks and dark, serious-looking cutting boards give you even more opportunities to build on that industrial style. They can all give onlookers the sense of a real bare-bones workhorse of a kitchen, which is exactly what the style is generally trying to achieve.

Show Your True Colours With A High-Gloss Worktop

ruby red worktops

But hey, maybe you’re a bit more of a wild card. Perhaps blacks and greys aren’t for you – you’re looking for something a bit more cheerful in your own kitchen. Well, good news; we’ve got worktops for you too! Our Ruby Red Sparkle Gloss laminate kitchen worktop is still a favourite of our customers looking for something a bit more vibrant and eye-catching.

If you’re looking to add even more colour, you can look to something simple, like a fruit bowl. It’s colourful, it’s cheerful, and best of all it gives a bit of life to its surroundings. And then there’s one of the biggest accessorising opportunities yet – your own kitchen splashback. While it serves a useful purpose in terms of keeping grease, oil and sauces off your nice clean kitchen walls, it’s also a great chance to add another bit of colour to your kitchen. We guess it’s just a case of what suits your mood. Cool bright blue, or lovely cheerful green. It’s all up to you!

At Savoy Timber, we’ve got a whole range of worktops to suit your tastes, including our brand new UltraSlim range! Just pop into any one of our stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan to see what we’ve got in stock. We’ll have some friendly lads and ladies milling about, ready to answer any questions or queries you might have. Why not pop in and say hello?

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