3 Best Types Of Kitchen Islands To Choose From

contemporary kitchen island

Here at Savoy Timber we talk a lot about how much the look of your kitchen worktops influences the overall style of your kitchen, so if you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, it makes sense that your worktops will be the first thing you look at. So when considering your worktops, what might well come in as a close second is what they’ll be installed upon – in other words, the style of your kitchen island. Depending on its style and positioning, an island can change the entire way your kitchen functions, so we’ve taken the opportunity to look at three types of kitchen islands from timeless classics to intriguing newer builds.

1. Galley Kitchen Island

We’ll start with the ‘timeless classics’ option! Galley kitchen islands are some of the oldest designs around, originally based on the kind of kitchens you’d find on globe-trotting ships of centuries past (hence the name). Their no-frills design is straightforward and rectangular, making them eternally popular – not least because they’re no issue for when space is at a premium.

They’re compact, ergonomic, and one of the most efficient designs around. This efficiency maximises storage room and preparation space, and guarantees your kitchen always has flow – so you don’t have to worry about busy foot traffic on the way through your kitchen! Some people think they’re not the most stylish thing ever – which is a fair observation – but there’s no question that they’re a classic fall-back that works for almost any kitchen.

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galley kitchen island

2. L-Shaped Kitchen Island

L-shaped islands are another brilliant choice, mainly because their design means they easily ebb and flow with the shape of your kitchen, so you can fill in any blank floorspace with more storage and preparation areas. They tend to be a bit on the big side, which can be a benefit or a downside, depending on how much room your kitchen has available. If you’ve got the space, their sprawling design means that whatever meal you’re cooking, you’ll rarely have a crowded workspace, and their increased storage space can be particularly useful in a busy family home. Plus, they give your kitchen a nice bit of visual intrigue, if you find the galley island design a bit too straight-laced for your liking.

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3. Circular Kitchen Island

Now, this is something a little different. If you want to switch up the functionality on your kitchen while adding a bit more personality to the space, you could do a lot worse than a circular kitchen island. Depending on your tastes you can go entirely full circle, or just opt for a half-moon. You can probably work out for yourself what kind of great visual dynamic they add to the average kitchen, and you could even argue it something of a statement piece.

They’re practical, too, with a figurative tonne of preparation space. In fact, standing in the middle means you’re literally surrounded with preparation space, all within easy reach (rather than having to strafe yourself up and down a traditional galley design). Again – as you’ve no doubt already guessed – they do require a lot of preparation space, which means it will have to be compatible with the way you cook. But if you think you’ll find it useful, it can be a brilliant innovative choice.

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If you’ve already browsed our range of laminate kitchen worktops for yourself, of course, you may well have your own idea of what sort of worktop you want for your kitchen island. Why not pop into any one of our three superstores across the North West, in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, and see what they look like in the flesh?