Find out how Zenith worktops give your kitchen design flexibility

laminate solid core

Ever since we began stocking Zenith laminate worktops at our DIY stores here at Savoy Timber, our customers have been snapping them up like there’s no tomorrow. We can see why – there’s lots to love about them. Worktops like Rouille or Alaska have got a fantastic streamlined, contemporary look, and open up a huge range of design possibilities for your kitchen, in part thanks to their solid black core. This week here on the blog, we’re explaining a bit more about this design flexibility, and giving you a few tips on how you can use it to revitalise your own kitchen!

What’s a solid black laminate core?

Essentially, it’s the big secret behind all the advantages of Zenith worktops. All worktops have a core – it’s the material that’s sandwiched between the textured outer layers. The core on Zenith worktops isn’t made from chipboard, as it is on standard laminates, though. In this case, it’s made from layers of Kraft paper, impregnated with phenolic resin. A decorative paper is then layered on either side, along with an overlay paper, and then impregnated with melamine resin. The result is a stunning ultra-thin worktop with a beautiful finish, and one that’s stylish, reliably resistant and impressively long-lasting, all in one package.


So, how is this different from standard laminate worktops? Well, the chipboard core on the average standard laminate kitchen worktop means that it’s slightly more limited in its design capabilities. For starters, while laminate worktops are waterproof, it’s only the sealed outer layer that resists moisture, leaving the chipboard vulnerable underneath. That means that features like undermount sinks aren’t always practical, as the exposed chipboard has to be sealed properly to avoid irreparable damage. Even then, the final results don’t always end up looking as attractive as they could be!

Now, we should say that’s not a concern for many of our customers here at Savoy Timber. If you just want to ‘get the look’ for your kitchen, you’ll probably have no trouble quickly finding your favourites amongst our huge range of laminate worktops, with a huge choice of effects ranging from granite to marble effects. But if you want to go that extra mile with the design of your kitchen, it’s definitely worth casting your eye over our brilliant range of Zenith worktops – and here’s why!

The unique design advantages of Zenith laminate worktops

As you’d expect, the average Zenith worktop shares all the exceptional advantages of all other laminate worktops, such as its wear resistance, impact resistance (of up to 500g), and heat resistance of up to 220C. However, thanks to its solid black core, a Zenith worktop is also completely waterproof inside and out, and the aesthetic appeal of this core provides a huge amount of design flexibility – which is what so many of our customers love about it!

For example, if you’re eyeing up your kitchen for an inset or undermount sink, you’ll be pleased to hear these are easily achievable with a Zenith worktop. You can create a great streamlined effect around the sink itself, and the black core only adds to the overall effect. Or, if you want to install some drainer grooves on your worktop, you can create a brilliantly sleek finish, with the black core underneath helping to create a great modern design feature.


Its waterproof qualities also make Zenith worktops solid options for kick plinths, allowing it to excel in the hustle and bustle of modern family kitchens without raising any worries about its durability. Plus, its double-sided decorative surface is perfect for framing, co-ordinated shelving or creating ‘waterfall sides’ for breakfast bars. The contemporary textures and effects can also be beautifully complemented by creating smooth curves for your kitchen surfaces, if you want a break from the more rigid geometric shapes that most people prefer for their kitchens.

In short, its integral qualities and capabilities make Zenith worktops the ideal solution to create design continuity across open-plan living spaces – and obviously, you can benefit from all this without having to break the bank. Here at Savoy Timber, we work hard to make sure our prices on outstanding laminate worktops stay competitive across all of our DIY stores across the North West. Why not pop into one of our sites at Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, and take a look around?