Is it worth considering DIY kitchen renovation?

kitchen diy

In short – it could be! If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, you’ve essentially got two options. You can approach a professional kitchen designer, or you can crack on with the renovation yourself, all the way down to your laminate kitchen worktops. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s well worth weighing all those up before you start. So what would be the benefits of the DIY approach?

A DIY kitchen renovation is a great economical option

This one has probably occurred to you already. After all, when it comes to any sort of home renovation, cost is always a central factor! Revitalising your kitchen with a fresh new style can obviously be a whole lot less expensive if you only have to pay for the supplies you’ll be using yourself, rather than the design advice and labour that would come with hiring a professional designer. Not only can this put more money in your pocket, but it could free up more capital for you to invest elsewhere, for example by getting the cookware you’ve always wanted (or even one of our cutting-edge Zenith laminate kitchen worktops)!

You’re in total control

It’s good to be the boss. And that’s especially true when you’re undertaking renovation work yourself, even if it’s something as simple as installing a Lave Zenith compact laminate worktop. You can work to your own schedule and take breaks as and when you feel like them. Plus, when you set a deadline for yourself, you’ve got the flexibility of shortening it or lengthening it as you please, rather than relying on someone else to understand the value of your time. Of course, this comes with a flipside, in that the responsibility for the job getting done rests squarely with you. But you may feel that’s a small price to pay, especially since…

You can take new personal pride in your kitchen

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a job well done – and if you undertake a DIY renovation of your kitchen, you get to take a new level of personal satisfaction in knowing that the final results are yours and yours alone! Now, it’s true that this does require a fair amount of experience on your part – or at the very least, a willingness to learn quickly – but that’s all part of the challenge!

A quick word of advice…

If you’ll allow us here at Savoy Timber to give you a quick word of advice, though, we’d say that you should definitely find out what you need to invest in before you get started. While you can get a fantastic bargain on worktops like our best-selling luxury black Sparkle Gloss 30mm laminate kitchen worktop, there are other elements of your kitchen you should never scrimp on. The fixings for your cabinetry, for example, always need to be of the very highest standard, and your kitchen carcasses need to be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Here at Savoy Timber, our motto is DIY Made Easy – so if you are indeed considering the DIY option for renovating your kitchen, swing by one of our stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, to see what we’ve got in store. If you need any help or any friendly words of advice, our staff are always happy to help!