Mix & Match: some new ideas for your Kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks

Mix & Match: some new ideas for your Kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks

This week on the blog, we’re talking mixing and matching: worktops, splashbacks and upstands.

There’s an infinite number of combinations to choose from, so we’ll share a few of our favourites – who knows? It could be the style inspiration you’ve been waiting for!

First up: what are splashbacks and upstands?

Before we get to the style section, let’s talk terminology. Quite simply, kitchen splashbacks and upstands are used to protect your kitchen walls against spitting and splashing.

An upstand is the name for the turned-up edge where your worktop meets the wall. Usually about 10-15cm high, an upstand is a border around your kitchen wall – neat, hygienic and easy to clean.

A splashback is much larger – they can either run all the way around your kitchen, or be placed in areas at high risk of splashing, like your hob or sink. While upstands fit seamlessly with your worktop, splashbacks are frequently (although not always) used as a contrast.

New York Style: bright white and dark timber

Mix & Match: some new ideas for your Kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks

One of our favourite looks at the moment is the New York loft conversion style, which combines combination of clean white units, a high gloss white splashback and bold, dark timber worktops. It’s a simple, chic twist on monochrome style, and it’s so easy to achieve.

Our recommended New York style splashbacks and worktops:

  • White Pearl Glass Look Metallic Splashback – it’s beautiful, impact resistant and ultra hygienic
  • Burciato 40mm Laminate Square Edge Worktop – with rich wood effect and contemporary edge

Modern Rustic: beautiful blocked oak

Mix & Match: some new ideas for your Kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks

In more traditional kitchens, sometimes tried and tested designs are worth sticking with. We love the combination of painted cabinets, neat white tiles and blocked oak kitchen worktops with matching upstands for a flawless finish.

Our recommended rustic splashbacks and worktops:

  • Blocked Oak Upstand – chunky, warm oak-effect laminate that’s easy to clean and care for
  • Solid Blocked Oak Square Edge Worktop – real oak worktop, full of character with modern edge

Let The Green Mist Descend!

Green Mist Glass Look Splashback by Akril

We love the fact that green mist accents are back in style. A versatile colour, green mist perfectly complements anything from a minimalist Japanese-style kitchen to a texture-rich Scandi-style home: it adds a hint of organic colour without overpowering the rest of your design.

Our recommended green mist splashbacks and worktops:

  • Green Mist Glass Look Metallic Splashback – subtle colour, high gloss and extra hard-wearing
  • Tula Bronze Gloss 40mm Laminate Worktop – sophisticated black surface with rich bronze chips

Mix and match for a kitchen that’s 100% yours

The wonderful thing about mixing and matching kitchen worktops, splashbacks and upstands is that the possible combinations are endless, meaning that the end result is truly unique to your home.

Vibrant splashbacks like our Andromeda Blackcurrant Gloss Splashback are a perfect contemporary finish to a sleek, minimalist kitchen, but can equally be paired with a real wood kitchen in need of a modern twist.

Likewise, neutral worktops and upstands like our Tawny Crystal worktops and Tawny Crystal upstands look stunning in both rustic and ultramodern rooms.

Take a look through our range of affordable laminate kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks to create your perfect combination today.

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