Why Use Weed Control Fabric For Your Decking?

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Landscape or ‘weed control’ fabric is one of the many handy little products we stock here at Savoy Timber. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of the hard work out of keeping weeds out of your garden, especially when they grow in hard to reach places – like just under your decking boards, for example. This week on the blog, we’ve gone into a bit of detail on exactly how it can help.

Weed Control Fabric Is Convenient And Reliable

Weeds are the bane of gardeners and landscapers everywhere. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that no one’s particularly taken by them – and as anyone who’s ever tackled them knows, they can be an absolute nightmare to pull up. This is made even trickier – nigh on impossible – when you’ve got several heavy boards of decking in the way. Weeds naturally need to be pulled up by the roots, so if you can’t do that it’s almost certain you’ll soon see them poking up between the boards again.

Weed control fabric aims to prevent you from needing to do this in the first place, by forming an impenetrable barrier between the weeds and your boards. People used to do the job with old plastic sheets, but unlike plastic, our weed control fabric has been specially constructed to allow air, water and nutrients to pass through to the soil beneath. Though it needs a careful eye to effectively use it in normal gardening, weed control fabric is especially well suited to where you don’t want anything to grow at all – say, for example, right under your decking area!

Many people find that it’s most effective when used in conjunction with some kind of aggregate; pebbles and wood chippings are popular choices for this aggregate. Together it forms a barrier that even the most determined of weeds will have trouble breaking through. That means you can lay it down before you install your decking, and then enjoy the area while completely safe in the knowledge you won’t see any unwelcome guests popping up from between the boards.

It’s Cost Effective And Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefits of weed control fabric might not be immediate right off the bat, but they make a great alternative to herbicides that are traditionally used in getting rid of weeds. The thing about herbicides is that they’re pretty indiscriminate, which means they can easily kill all sorts of plantlife (as well as the ecosystems that use these plants to live). Landscape fabric offers a brilliant alternative to these potent chemicals, as it doesn’t have nearly the same harmful effect on surrounding plants and wildlife.

What’s more, weed control fabric is famously cost-effective, so you won’t have to keep shelling out on finite herbicide containers. It’s also an excellent long-term solution – once you’ve laid it down, it will be years before you have to worry about replacing or re-laying it. And because you’re installing it under your decking, you might even be able to stretch that timeframe even further!

At Savoy Timber, our philosophy is DIY Made Easy, and it’s fair to say that weed control fabric definitely succeeds there! In the meantime, if you need to pull up or replace some of your decking boards in the process, we’ve got some advice that can help there, too.

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