Why choose artificial grass for winter?

artificial turf

Lawns can be a right pain to tend to during winter, as Mother Nature batters them with her harshest elements. So it’s probably no wonder that so many people choose artificial grass instead. If that’s what you’re after, you’re in exactly the right place – artificial grass is one of the many garden products we stock here at Savoy Timber, alongside our ranges of timber and composite decking. But if you’re not quite sold yet, allow us to introduce you to some of the key advantages that artificial grass can offer in winter.

Artificial grass is maintenance free

Artificial grass offers a whole heap of advantages for homeowners all year round, but many of them revolve around the fact that it requires very little maintenance. There’s no need to fertilise it or mow it, and you can freely leave it to its own devices for much of the year. It also makes a poor home for pests, whether they’re plant-based like weeds and other creeping pests, or insects and small animals like weevils or rodents.

It’s clean (and great for families)

If anyone in your family suffers from common ailments like hay fever, artificial grass is fantastic for sparing them from the seasonal sniffles, allowing them to play to their heart’s content all year round. As well as the lack of pollen or spores, artificial grass is also very easy to clean, which is one of the advantages that makes it quite so well suited to family life! Our Stanford 40mm thick artificial grass has easy-clean technology that keeps it looking fresh all year round, and best of all, you won’t need to worry about any muddy footprints being tracked back into the house – a particularly common scenario in winter!

Artificial grass is an especially good choice for small dogs, who can struggle a bit in long overgrown grass. Plus, if they like to do their business in the same spot each time, it’s easy to spot and simple to deal with – which saves you and your other family members from some possibly unpleasant surprises.

decking artificial grass

It stays looking amazing whatever the weather

The durability of artificial grass means that it can withstand all weather conditions, so you can always count on a vibrant green lawn no matter what the season. It won’t fade even in the fiercest of summer sunshine – which is probably welcome news considering how warm this year’s summer was! – and best of all, it’s not susceptible to flooding in winter either. It won’t wither or crack in frosty conditions, although it’s worth taking care on it during the chillier months, as it can still get just as slippery as regular turf can. Modern artificial grass like the kind we stock here at Savoy Timber is popular for the authentic look it provides, making it the perfect complement to your decking – so you can enjoy a bit of colour in your outdoor space, even if the skies aren’t always blue!

Artificial grass is also notable for being long lasting, lasting on average for between ten and fifteen years. More than enough time for you to get plenty of enjoyment out of it! We stock artificial grass as part of a great range of garden products and accessories here at Savoy Timber, alongside our brilliant range of timber decking and composite decking products. In short, whatever you’re after for your garden this autumn and winter, you can find it right here.

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