Why Choose A Textured Kitchen Worktop?

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Textured kitchen worktops are amongst our most enduringly popular styles here at Savoy Timber. Just like our wood worktops and gloss laminates, textured worktops have a distinctive style that makes them fantastic choices for huge numbers of our customers. So what’s so great about them, and why should you choose them for your kitchen?

Why Are Textured Kitchen Worktops So Popular?

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It’s no secret that your kitchen’s overall look and style is hugely influenced by your worktops – they’re pretty prominent, after all! The popularity of textured worktops is a lot to do with their rich and extraordinary depth, a quality which they then bring to your kitchen as a whole. Their tones and textures are designed to echo the look of natural materials, which is fantastic if you’ve got one of a particular styles in mind for your kitchen.

If you wanted a hardy industrial look, for example, you might find that smooth stone might be to your personal tastes. Don’t worry, though – the options don’t stop there! Something like our Prima Perlato Granite worktop might do the trick, with its textured look giving your kitchen an authentic stony feel. Its this lifelike appearance that make textured worktops so enduringly popular with our customers!

Get The Designer Look For Less

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The best thing is that the hardy nature of laminate means that they don’t share any of the vulnerabilities of these materials. So if you want, for example, a natural stone effect for your kitchen worktops (like our Dolce Vita Marble Effect Laminate Worktop), you can get it without having to worry too much about scratching or marking it, which would be a major concern if it was made of stone.

One of the main things that textured worktops have got going for them is that they’re beautiful statement pieces. Each one of our textured worktops have their own individual characteristics that make them unique; whether it’s the colours, the tone and warmth, or the shades and consistencies. Each and every one, though, has that ever-present air of style and sophistication. What’s more, laminate is famously cost-effective. It’s about getting that designer look for your kitchen, but without having to spend the wad of cash that getting this look usually entails.

What Textured Worktops Are On Offer?

Well, take your pick! We’ve got no shortage of options here at Savoy Timber. Our Brown Granite Gloss worktop remains a time-honoured purchase. With authentic non-repeated veining running across its surface, projecting a raw power that’s perfect for an industrial chic kitchen. Meanwhile, our Axiom Jamocha Granite Etching 40mm kitchen worktop brings a warm earthy tone to your kitchen; fantastic for a bit of contemporary style.

These are far from your only options though! You can browse our full range of kitchen worktops on our website, or pop into any one of our stores to discuss your options with one of our friendly members of staff. We’ve got locations across the North West in Preston, Wigan and Blackpool, so there’s a good chance you might just be down the road! If not, you can always call us on 0345 0268 799.

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