Why choose a square edge worktop?

Why choose a square edge worktop

When it comes to choosing the right worktop for your kitchen, there’s more to consider than just appearance, material and budget. One more important question is what kind of edge are you going to have?

This week on the blog, we’re taking a look at why our square edge worktops appeal to so many of our customers, and what kind of kitchen styles they can really complement.

Contemporary profile

charcoal square edge worktop

Square edge worktops add a contemporary profile to any overall kitchen scheme. With their blunt edge and chunky appearance, they’re a departure from the traditionally rounded worktops that have dominated the landscape for so long.

But, a contemporary profile doesn’t mean they’re only suited to modern kitchens – square edge worktops can be used to add a little twist of something different to an overwhelmingly traditional or rustic kitchen, lifting the style and creating a room that’s unique rather than passé.

Less is more

white gloss square edge worktop

If you prefer a simple or even minimalist kitchen design, a square edge worktop is the perfect addition. With its sleek, straight lines, this kind of counter will finish a kitchen off in chic style, completing the look and ensuring the understated elegance and classic design are always on the menu.

If, on the other hand, you’re tempted to opt for a statement worktop featuring bold patterns or colour, a bold square edge profile can be the perfect way to make the design really pop

Waterfall edge

wood effect square edge worktop

Our square edge worktops are becoming increasingly sought-after among customers seeking to achieve a waterfall edge look in their kitchens – particularly popular on breakfast bars, peninsulas and islands.

A waterfall edge worktop is the term used to describe a worktop that appears to continue all the way to the floor. This can be achieved by moulding materials to include a 90º bend or – a far more affordable option – by positioning a square edge worktop flush against a flat side panel, resulting in a sleek, almost seamless appearance.

The waterfall look can be continued by having a square edge worktop sitting on top of your cabinets with no overhang – and our in-house worktop fabrication service can help you achieve that precision finish.

A few of our most popular square edge worktops

We have a wide range of textures available with a square edged profile. Our perennially popular classics – the White Andromeda Gloss Square Edge Worktop and Black Andromeda Gloss Square Edge Worktop – are best-sellers.

Meanwhile our convincing timber-effect worktops are an ideal choice for customers who prefer a modern rustic look; our Blocked Oak Laminate Square Edge Worktop is always a favourite.

And if the natural stone look is more to your taste, we’ve got the Brown Granite Gloss Marble Effect Square Edge Worktop for understated elegance, and the Antique Mascerello Radiance Square Edge Worktop, which makes a huge style impact.

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