Why blue is the colour of the moment for kitchen design

blue designed kitchen

Blue has taken over UK kitchen designs this year, but what is it about this cool shade that’s making it such a popular choice with homeowners? Well, it’s no surprise given that blue is a famously versatile shade, and one that works well in pretty much any kitchen setting.

The calming aura of blue makes it an especially great backdrop for busy kitchen spaces, and here at Savoy Timber, our laminate kitchen worktops can be purchased in a variety of shades to perfectly complement your kitchen design. Whether you opt for a bold navy kitchen colour pallet, or a cool cobalt or sky blue, we’ve got a worktop to suit you.

So, what is it about blue kitchens that’s captured the hearts and minds of us here in the UK?

The perfect partner for white

Generally speaking, white is the go-to kitchen colour for a lot of people. It’s the ideal blank canvas for building any kind of kitchen design you like, and it looks absolutely fantastic when you pair it with blue. If you’re thinking about mixing and matching your kitchen unit colours, or you just fancy juxtaposing a colour with another, say by placing white laminate kitchen worktops over blue kitchen cupboards, then white and blue is the colour combination for you.

Shake-r things up with blue

Shaker style kitchens look gorgeous with a splash of blue here and there. Painting a shaker style kitchen in a deep, dark hue like navy can add a real sense of sophistication and gravitas to your space. Plus, the dark blue shade works just as well on an accent wall to anchor the rest of your design scheme. If you’re looking to add a statement feature to your home, then look no further than a shaker kitchen coupled with elements of dark blue.

Think about adding some gold and brass

Small, subtle additions of metallic elements can really bring a sense of maturity and class to your kitchen design. By implementing gold and brass handles to your cupboards and fixtures, you can really make the blue elements of your kitchen stand out. Metal on blue is a widely regarded as a fantastic combination by kitchen designers across the globe as it only serves to further add to the sophistication of your kitchen space.

Blue compliments wooden fixtures

On the colour wheel, blue is largely considered to be one of the quintessentially cooler tones on the spectrum, so it’s worth considering some warmer elements to help balance out the aesthetic. Try adding some wooden fixtures to elevate the tone and atmosphere of the room. Wood introduces hints of yellow and red to the visual spectrum of your space, balancing out the strong blue colours.

Overall, blue is the perfect colour for kitchens. Light blues work particularly well in smaller kitchens, whereas dark blues bring a real sense of drama to larger kitchens without compromising on the spacious feel.

So, if you’re looking to take the plunge with a full blue kitchen makeover, our tips above should provide the inspiration you need to start you on the right path. And if it’s worktops you’re looking for, we offer a classy range of laminate worktops in a variety of styles. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our stylish range here or contact us directly for the soundest advice on the market!

As well as our sleek and stylish laminate kitchen worktops, we also provide a wide range of made-to-measure replacement kitchen doors that can be purchased in a range of different colours and styles. Whether you prefer a more modern kitchen design, or something with a bit more of a traditional feel, our replacement kitchen doors can be designed to suit any kitchen setting.