What Your Kitchen Splashbacks Do For You

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They’re practical, handy and they look amazing – just a couple of the reasons why perhaps you should be thinking about how splashbacks fit into your own kitchen. We’re fairly clued up on them ourselves here at Savoy Timber, and to prove it we’ve got a huge range of upstands and splashbacks available on our website. But, you may be asking, why are they worth your time? Well, bear with us as we enlighten you…

The Practical Advantages Of A Kitchen Splashback

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A kitchen splashback is essential in any kitchen, and a great alternative to the laborious task of tiling. Basically, it’s a panel (or several panels) on the wall behind the sink, cooker or other food preparation equipment. As its name suggests, it’s designed to protect the wall from grease, oil, sauces or other things that can sometimes. Cooking can be a messy business sometimes – even for the tidiest of us – so if you want to keep your kitchen walls looking at their best, you can never be without a splashback.

In fact, there’s no shortage of practical advantages that a spashback provides to your kitchen. It’s:

  • Heat resistant (up to 200OC!)
  • Exceptionally easy to clean
  • Resistant to mould or stains

Without it, your wall would take the brunt of all the burns, water damage and food stains. And at Savoy Timber, we think you’ll agree that we all spend enough of our lives cleaning up as it is!

Get The Look With A Kitchen Splashback

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The other major function that a kitchen splashback serves is more to do with presentation. Together with your kitchen worktops, your splashback is one of the first things that guests and visitors will notice when walking into your kitchen, so it’s a key piece of your kitchen’s overall style.

This makes it a great opportunity to customise your kitchen’s look. Are you going to go for something bright, bold and vibrant, or lean more towards the industrial chic side of things with a natural slate or granite looking material? Lots of people prefer matching them with their kitchen worktops, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. It depends on what suits your style!

And one of the best things about kitchen splashbacks; they are famously cost-effective, helping you to get the look for less.

What Splashbacks Are Available?

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We’ve got a huge range of kitchen splashbacks here at Savoy Timber, including those in laminate, acrylic and glass-effect. Amongst our laminate worktop options we have Black Sparkle Gloss – a chic, contemporary style that’s universally popular amongst our customers.

Meanwhile, our glass effect splashbacks let you have the best of both worlds. They have a high durability and impact resistance, but retain all the elegant aesthetics and attractiveness of a glass material. Any scratches can be sanded out, and the edges can be polished to a quality glass finish. In this range, we’ve got Sunset Glass – perfect for a bold, vibrant look – or the slightly more restrained Magnolia Glass, which is right at home in more neutral colour palettes.

You can browse our full range of splashbacks and upstands for yourself, or pop into any one of our stores in Blackpool, Wigan or Preston to get more of a feel for exactly how they’d look in your kitchen. Our friendly staff members are always about to lend a hand – you can chat to them face to face in store, or give us a call on 03450 268 799. We’re here to help!

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