What sort of kitchen seating should you choose?

kitchen seating

There was a time, not too long ago, where the function of kitchens and laminate kitchen worktops was a lot more simple and pre-defined; the kitchen was a food preparation area, and the worktops were food preparation surfaces. That was it. Today though, the way we use our kitchens, and our worktops, has changed. Now they’re not just food preparation areas but social spaces, and with features like kitchen islands becoming gradually more widespread, they’re increasingly used for dining, working, and relaxing too.

Now, whatever you’ve got in mind for your own kitchen is going to naturally influence what seating you choose for it. And if you need a bit of help in getting started, here are a couple of useful jumping-off points!

Choose chairs for a versatile solution

Simple chairs are a good one to start with, since they’re one of the most universally popular seating solutions. There are countless styles available, all of them brilliant for enhancing the feeling and atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen – whether you like the idea of minimalist wooden-legged designs for a bit of Scandinavian chic, or chairs with a more contemporary style to match something like our Zenith solid compact laminate worktops.

Whatever you choose, chairs are ideal for low-level seating, especially if you’ve got a more traditional style of dining table in an open plan kitchen. If space is at a premium on the other hand, you can consider stackable options that can be tidied away when they’re not in use, so that you can make maximum use of the space.

Exactly how plush they’ll be probably depends on exactly what you’re planning to use the space for. If you’re just looking at a couple of speedy meals, say breakfast before the school run, you shouldn’t need the chairs to go all out on comfort, if nobody’s using them for that long. But if you’re planning on either you or your family spending greater amounts of time on them in one sitting (if you’ll pardon the pun), you’ll want a bit more cushioning. Definitely so if they’re going to be used for evening dining and full-on meals!

You can get chairs with built-in padding, or if you’d like, you can buy the chairs and cushions separately, giving you even greater freedom to express the style of your interiors.

kitchen barstool seating

Bar stools are a brilliant contemporary option

We’ve already talked about choosing chairs if you want quick seating for light meals, or snacks on the go. That’s a role that bar stools can fulfil with equal flair. They’re an especially fitting addition to an island or peninsula, and as an extra bonus, their typically slim design means that they’re easy to tidy away, too.

If you do choose bar stools, here at Savoy Timber we’d recommend thinking about gas-operated variants, so that you can seat guests and family members comfortably at your working surface no matter how tall they are. That means Grandad no longer has to crane his neck when talking to the youngest children, who in turn can easily reach any plates or food set out for them on your laminate kitchen worktops – minimising the chance for messes!

Alternatively you might want to think about static bar chairs instead. Since they’re not going to be adjustable, you’ll have to think more carefully about what height you get, but they can be even more comfortable for anyone who’s planning to sit there for longer periods of time, such as children doing their homework, or adults working in a home office.

Bespoke benches and banquette seating

If you’ve got the budget on the other hand, and you’re planning to use your kitchen as a major social hub, benches or banquette seating can be the perfect solution. Banquette seating, in case you’ve not heard of it before, is essentially a long run of upholstered seating, set parallel to the outer edge of a table (whether that’s rectangular, square, circle or oval). Banquette seating is variously called fixed seating, bench seating and booth seating, and is often – but not always – set against a wall. It’s commonly seen in bars, restaurants and cafes, which demonstrates why it’s such a favourite for homeowners looking to bring friends and family members together, especially when they’re all enjoying delicious meals!

If you’ve got the capital to spare and you’re looking for a way to give your space fresh character or quirkiness, banquette seating or bespoke benches might be just what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, the choice is all up to you! And if you’re weighing up the perfect laminate kitchen worktops to go with your new seating, that’s exactly where we can help here at Savoy Timber. We have a huge range of laminate kitchen worktops to choose from – our ultra-thin Zenith range of laminate worktops are perfect if you’re a fan of a more contemporary atmosphere, while our Oak Effect laminate kitchen worktops are just some of the many options you’ve got if you’d like a more traditional feel for your kitchen.
You can browse them right here on our site, and we also stock them in our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan. We’re dedicated to helping you to shop safely during the ongoing Covid-19 situation, so don’t forget to check our latest Covid-19 service update before you visit!