What Our Worktops Are Made Of

Focusing on Material Things: What Our Worktops Are Made OfFocusing on Material Things: What Our Worktops Are Made Of

A lot of us don’t spend a lot of our day-to-day lives thinking about our kitchen worktops, so it’s easy to forget how crucial they are to many of us. Without worktops, there would be no place to prepare our food, plate it up (Christmas dinners would be a nightmare), rest our mugs of tea or coffee, prop up our cookbooks, or any of a whole host of other things. We at Savoy understand the importance of your kitchen worktops, so we only use carefully selected materials to make them.

Why choose laminate worktops?

laminate wood worktops

Laminate is one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops, and it’s easy to see why. Your kitchen worktops endure a lot of punishment, and laminate is definitely durable enough to take it. It’s highly impact-resistant, meaning a minimal risk of nasty scratches standing out in your nice clean kitchen, and is equally resistant to heat, which again means a reduced risk of heat marks or burns. If you’ve got young children, this may well amount to it being effectively childproof, unlike other high-end options on the market. These qualities can be especially useful around Christmas, where kitchens tend to see a lot of large-scale action and activity.

Laminate worktops are sealed with a protective film, making them completely water-resistant. Also, laminate’s natural chemical resistance makes it an attractive option to those particularly concerned with hygiene, and this same quality makes it exceptionally easy to clean. Even after the most frantic cooking sessions, it’s a short step to making your laminate worktops look just as intact and spotless as before.

Affordable laminate worktops

white sparkle worktops

The considerations aren’t just practical. One of the greatest attractions of our kitchen worktops is their affordability, making them suitable for just about any project. Whether you’re just looking for a quick upgrade or a complete do-over of your kitchen, you can be sure that laminate will do the job. What’s more, the styling options are almost endless; laminate worktops come complete with a high-gloss finish and are available in a huge range of designs and colours, so you can be sure they’ll fit in with the unique ‘feel’ of your kitchen. They can even imitate other surfaces like wood or steel, for a distinctive look that fits your kitchen’s theme, but with none of the practical downsides.

Solid oak worktops

solid oak worktop

On the other hand, solid oak worktops are another popular option for many of our customers here at Savoy. Their strong natural grain radiates an authentic sense of colour and personality, frequently making them popular choices for more traditionally styled kitchens. What’s more, they naturally build upon this by gradually darkening and maturing over time, eventually lending a truly striking finish to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Savoy Timber offers a custom jointing and fabrication service for all of our worktops, using our qualified experts to cut your worktop down to your exact specifications. Call us on 0345 0268 799, and talk to one of our friendly team members to discuss your options.