What are the different types of kitchen breakfast bars?

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You may have decided long ago that you want a breakfast bar in your kitchen, or you’re simply dreaming about having one. But did you know there are lots of different styles of breakfast bars that may work in your kitchen?

It’s worth mentioning these five different types of breakfast bars will work in a large variety of kitchens. You may want sketch a few of these out on paper to see which you think might look or work best in your kitchen, and go from there!

Part of a kitchen island

The most common type of breakfast bar are the ones that are incorporated directly into an existing kitchen island. If you have one of these already, it’s fairly simple and straight forward to install.

You can simply buy a wider worktop to overhang on one side, or if that still doesn’t create enough space for chairs, you could add a lowered or slightly raised section to the existing worktop. These look great in both modern and traditional style kitchens, and with the slight change in elevation, it can help create a clear separation between your cooking and eating areas.

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The next type of breakfast bar is a simple ledge! You can create one by extending the length of an existing counter out larger enough to comfortably fit two bar stools. This works best with L-shaped kitchens, U-shaped, and single wall styles.

Ledge style breakfast bars are perfect if you want a minimal investment or to only replace one worktop.


Normally, U-shaped kitchens have at least one side open (not against a wall) that will allow you to incorporate a breakfast bar with minimal effort.

However, if you have a U-shaped kitchen that sits against three walls you have two options. The first is considering if you have enough room for an island.
The other option involves turning your U-shaped kitchen into a G-shaped kitchen. Making a G shaped kitchen could be as simple as adding a peninsular fixed to one of the walls to create another surface to work and eat from.

You’ll want to make sure you have enough space to put in the breakfast bar and still move more freely around it.

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Wall-fixed or floating

The next type of breakfast bar is called wall-fixed or floating, it’s basically a very durable small table.

This type of solution is great if you’re trying to put a breakfast bar into a small space, or trying to fit it under a window.

However, if you are set on having a breakfast bar but don’t wan’t it fixed only to the wall, you could add legs to the worktop. This would make sure the surface is stable but at the same time, that it also fits and matches with your kitchen.


Lastly, if you’re struggling to find room in your kitchen for a fixed breakfast bar, you may want to opt for a completely freestanding breakfast bar! This would allow you to move it around as and when it’s required, and it could take up significantly less space than a fixed version.

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