We’ll show you how to build a fantastic deck on a budget!

Fit Your Own Decking

There are many benefits to having a deck – it adds value to your property, increases the usable space, and gives you a new area to relax. Best of all, building a new deck doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Winter is the best time to start planning your new deck because you’ll be able to see where the lawn stays dry. To help you with the planning process, we’ll share some of our best money saving tips to help you create the garden you’ve always wanted.

Reuse building materials

The first way you can save money on any DIY project is to check to see what you already have out in your shed or garage. You can set aside any items that may be useful.

You’ll want to look for any treated posts or timber, bags of unused concrete that are less than 2 months old, measuring tape, drill bits, a circular saw and a new blade, screws, level, wooden stake, spades or shovels, and any unused framing brackets.

Pull out what you have and take a quick inventory, as you may need to buy or add a few things to your list.

You may also want to take a few minutes to make sure your power drill is charged, or will charge (if it’s battery powered). If you’ve got a corded version make sure your extension cord is long enough to get to your working area.

practical projects for your leftover decking boards feature image

Use standard wood sizes

This may go without saying, but obviously you’ll need to plan your deck so it fits exactly with the boards you’re planning to use. Like many other stores, here at Savoy Timber we have samples available, and offer all the measurements for the decking boards online.

We also recommend that you stick to regular timber sizes for your frame, joists, and supports. You may have to make a few cuts but if you try and keep these to a minimum, you’ll cut down on waste and keep things simple, fast, and easy.

Discover a great deal

After you’ve planned your deck and you’re ready to start buying all of the supplies for your project, we always recommend you check our stores for the best deals!

We stock decking boards at several price points to suit every budget, even deluxe and specialty hardwood decking. Browse our stock to find an excellent range of decking boards and remember, at Savoy, we back the quality of our decking boards with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee.

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Save time and money with a decking kit

Get one step closer to the garden of your dreams with a Savoy Timber decking kit! We’ve taken all of the guess-work out of building a new deck with our kits that come complete with instructions, frame, decking boards, and fixings. You’ll only need to buy the concrete.

Simply browse our wide selection of pre-packaged decking kits in various lengths. Our sizes range from small 1.8 metres to a large 6 metres and each kit comes in a variety of styles and widths.

As we’ve shown, when you’re building a new deck for your garden there are plenty of ways to save yourself time and money! You can reuse existing materials, plan a deck that only uses standard size boards, or buy a decking kit!

At Savoy Timber, we even have a decking calculator to help you make sure you’ve got the right kit! If you’re still not sure or need additional advice, give us a call or pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool, and Wigan.