Unorthodox tips to save yourself stress this festive season

Christmas kitchen

Christmas is, as Andy Williams once sang, ‘the most, wonderful time, of the year’, but despite Andy’s positive vibes, it’s fair to say it can also cause a lot of stress. From buying all the presents, to adorning your laminate kitchen worktops and tables with a decadent Christmas spread, putting up – and putting up with – the family and spreading endless yuletide joy, there are so many festive plates to spin. But while planning ahead is all well and good, more can be done to make this all easier. With that, here are a few unorthodox ways to reduce your Xmas stress levels.

Dole out responsibilities (in a fun way)

If the organisation and/or running of Christmas in your household normally falls on your shoulders, this year it’s time to do things differently. Rid yourself of this burden and dole out the responsibilities to other family members to help everything come together.

Don’t just tell people what to do though, instead you can make it a game. Get people to draw jobs out of a hat and then add a competitive edge by setting rules like:

  • You must photo/film yourself completing a task in the most festive way possible.
  • The first person to get all their tasks done wins a prize.
  • If you complete more than one task at the same time you can pass one on to someone else.

This should help make things easier for you and ultimately if you’re the taskmaster, you still have control over proceedings for added peace of mind.

Christmas drinks

Free up your schedule

Even if you don’t share the responsibilities out, try to free up your schedule as much as you can. Christmas is a holiday at the end of the day, so don’t sweat the small stuff trying to make it a picture-perfect event. Focus on the big picture; let the little things slide and give yourself additional downtime to relax.


What you then do with this downtime is important for de-stressing. Two great options are to either have a nap and wake up feeling refreshed, or head out for a winter walk to get some fresh air. We don’t advise combining the two!

Stay off social media

Social media isn’t the nicest of places at the best of times and with so much stress in the headlines right now, it’s worth giving yourself a break. Shut this out for a while and just focusing on your family. Letting all the world’s problems get on top of you, courtesy of those social algorithms, is the last thing you need.

Crack open the bubbly

It’s important to drink sensibly, but if all else fails having a Christmas tipple can really take the edge off. So, whether it’s champagne or real ales, pop those corks and crack those tins – ‘tis the season after all.

Finally though, don’t forget that Christmas is also the time to treat yourself if you can, so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your laminate kitchen worktops, then we have just what you need. Have a look online today at our selection, or to see our range for yourself visit our stores in Wigan, Preston, or Blackpool. If you want to get in touch with us directly about what we have available, feel free to call us on 0345 0268 799.