Unique ways to dress your home for Christmas

Worktop Christmas Decorations

November has come around quickly and soon enough it will be time once again to take the twice-a-year-trip up to the attic and dig out the Christmas decorations, ready to deck the halls.

Instead of using the same old tired decorations, why not invest in something more on-trend and transform your home into the ultimate festive space with Christmas decorations that compliment your existing colour schemes?

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for new ways to dress your home for the festive season, then look no further!

Christmas, Christmas everywhere!

Traditional approaches to Christmas decor see the Christmas tree as the main feature in the living room, often taking pride of place in front of the window to be marvelled at by passers-by and noticed from the road. Tinsel decorates the tree, fireplace and banisters, and all signs of Christmas usually disappear as soon as we reach the second floor.

Festive joy is spread around so easily, so why do we take such a restricted approach to the decorations in our home?

Now you can bring every room alive with a touch of Christmas magic!

Christmas lights in the children’s bedroom provide a festive alternative to night-lights, and create a bedtime atmosphere that is cosy and snug.

Christmas Lights Used As Night-Lights for Children

Decorations in the kitchen don’t have to be limited to the table settings on Christmas Day. Make your kitchen merry for the whole holiday with worktop decorations. Miniature Christmas trees, bowls and jars of baubles, well-placed Christmas ornaments and even Wintery scented candles can all help in creating a Christmassy ambience in your kitchen. Choose browns and golds for a kitchen with a neutral colour palette. White, black and silver decor is a great accessory for the monochromatic kitchen, or in a white kitchen opt for bold colours to make a statement and create a contemporary Christmas look that is really eye-catching.

Get creative

There are alternative uses for many Christmas decorations, and being inventive with your decor can lead to some wonderful results.

Christmas wreaths are traditionally found on the external doors of the home, but don’t be afraid to bring wreaths indoors and make the entrance into every room festive.

If you’re wondering about how best to make your internal and external doors stand out from the rest,  you can find some inspiration below:

  • Oak external doors – A wreath with natural and earthy tones will marry really well with your oak door. Go for something simple like a spruce wreath with mistletoe to create a classic Christmas look. Woven willow provides a modern alternative, or a wreath with gold features is sure to stand out.
  • Grey internal doors – Dialled-down tones of white, silver and light brown will complement your grey door really well. Go for a wreath with mistletoe and pinecones for a great match, and add frosted Winter berries to introduce an element of contrast.
  • Walnut internal doors – Wreaths with red elements will really pop when placed against your walnut door. Adding large ribbons, holly and poinsettia will create a traditional-style wreath that is sure to provide a warm welcome into any room.

Christmas wreath on grey door.

Make your own

Making your own Christmas wreath will allow you to include all the colours and features that best tie-in with your existing colour scheme.

Aside from traditional evergreens, you can create a unique and quirky wreath by building it with alternative materials. Baubles, ribbons, miniature boxed presents, sliced of dried orange and cinnamon sticks, fabric and Christmas bows are all great options for creating a wreath that is different. There is even the option to make an edible wreath from gingerbread or Christmas cookies!

Wreath-making is also a great festive activity that the children can get involved in. Let the children make wreaths for their bedroom doors by cutting, sticking and gluing coloured paper rings together before adding buttons and other finishing touches.

Handmade Christmas wreath

Don’t damage your doors!

Avoid making permanent holes in the surface of your doors by displaying your wreath with a wreath hanger.

Alternatively, you can make your own using some ribbon and a few small thumb tacks. The tacks can be secured into the top of the door and any holes they leave behind will remain out of sight.

If you’re thinking of giving your home a quick facelift before the busy Christmas season kicks in, why not pay a visit to one of our DIY stores across the North West in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan? Don’t be afraid to ask one of our friendly experts for word or two of helpful advice – we’re all on hand to help!