Top Reasons To Match Your Kitchen And Utility Room Worktops

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A lot of people don’t think too much about their utility rooms – they’re only functional, after all. Right? Well, doing up your kitchen can be a perfect opportunity to do up your utility room worktops too. But why would you, you ask? Well…

Completing The Look Of Your Utility Room

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For some people, a utility room is just that – it’s a place to store things, clean things, and maybe even create things every so often. But that doesn’t mean it’s left in disrepair. If anything, most people clean the worktops in their utility rooms just as often as those in their kitchen, if not more (after all, the cleaning equipment is right there in the corner). So if it’s worth spending time keeping these worktops looking clean, why not complete the look while you’re at it?

Feeling properly at home in your own house is often a matter of style. It’s about maintaining a certain feel – whether that’s an industrial powerhouse, or a more contemporary style is up to you. There’s no easier way to determine that feel than with your kitchen – and by extension, your utility room – worktops.

Basically what we’re saying is that matching your kitchen and utility room worktops is the key to creating a seamless, complete look all throughout your home. And if your kitchen is a particular point of pride, the effect of it can sometimes be let down by having a mismatching or poorly maintained utility room right next door.

This is especially true if you’re one of those households where the back door is often used as the front door. In this case, long, narrow utility rooms can become a de facto hallway. It’s an introduction to your home and family (for the same reasons that people hang family pictures in regular hallways), so it’s almost always worth the effort and investment in matching them up with your laminate kitchen worktops, communicating your own personal style and making them look fantastic in the process.

The Durability Of Laminate Worktops Makes Them Perfect For Utility Rooms

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Of course, your worktops in your utility room are always going to end up taking a bit of punishment, and that’s exactly what our laminate worktops are perfect for. The utility’s role as a storage room means that worktops can have stacks of items slammed on top of them or be subject to the odd cleaning chemical spill.

Their usually, shall we say ‘cosy’ nature means that worktop edges often see lots of bumps and casual impacts, too. Many of our worktops here at Savoy Timber are made of laminate, which is renowned for its natural durability and ease of cleaning – two qualities you definitely want in your utility room worktops!

What’s more, with our service at Savoy Timber you can get the look for less. Our worktops are supremely affordable, and even a modest budget allows you a vast range of options in terms of the look and styling of your worktops. This makes it ideal if you’re doing your utility room up while a little strapped for cash. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

And with our in-house fabrication service, you don’t even need to worry about the full effort of fitting your worktops – we cut them to size for you, so all you need to do when they arrive is slot them right into place. Job done!

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