Top door design tricks to breathe new life into your interiors

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When it comes right down to it, doors are quite a simple concept. They open and close, let you in and let you out. Modern doors, though, have taken on more than a purely functional role. Today, they’re great opportunities to let you express your own sense of style, and get the look and feel you want for your interiors. Over the years, we’ve come across some particularly creative tips and tricks, and we wanted to share our favourites with you!

 Use colour to frame your door

Giving your internal doors a fresh lick of paint is an often-underestimated technique which can really help to freshen up your space. The style of your doors has a surprising influence over the overall feel of your interiors, so painting them a different colour (or replacing them with a different style) can have quite a dramatic effect on the atmosphere and mood of the rooms in your house.

You can take this one step further, though, by looking at the space around your doors. Specifically, you can frame your room by matching your door colour to your skirting boards. So a white contemporary door, for example, will pair fantastically with clean white skirting boards, creating a great continuous effect that flows all the way around your space.

Alternatively – and this is a bit riskier – if you’re going for a bolder or more experimental feel for your interiors, you can even paint your skirting boards in a bolder or more vibrant colour to create a fascinating contrast. You’ll want to keep a neutral shade on your door, and outline it with something in an opposite colour family. So if you have an oak internal door, similarly warm colours like browns, oranges or golds will complement it best. As with all things to do with colour though, a lot of it is up to personal taste!

Put the finishing touches on your favourite style

We’ve already talked about the influence that your style of door can have on a room. You can exercise even more control over the sort of impression they create by carefully choosing the hardware for your door, such as the door handles and doorknobs, allowing you to fine-tune or even mix up the styles. A simple Pre-finished Oak Mexicano door, for example, can be given a subtle traditional twist with a Mortice knob set. And as a bonus tip, you might want to try matching your door hardware with your drawer pulls in the room, which can really help to bring the style together.

mortice knob

Build your own secret entrance

This is a particularly creative trick with your internal doors, but it really requires you to commit! Simply by running the design of your wall right over your door, you can create a ‘secret entrance’ that’s otherwise invisible to the casual eye. There are various ways you can achieve this. You might want to continue your wallpaper over the door itself (while ensuring it can still function as a normal door, of course), or simply paint your door a similar colour to the rest of the room. If you fancy it, you can even carefully hang a picture or a couple of photographs on the door itself, to really sell the illusion. Just be sure not to slam it!

Look at your room in a whole new light

Not every room in the house is a uniform size, so if space is at a particular premium in your bedroom or living room, it can help to think about how light flows through the space. There’s a reason that natural light is consistently one of the biggest factors we all rate when we’re choosing our new homes. A room that’s lacking in natural light can sometimes feel cramped or closed off. Thankfully, you can ease that feeling by choosing glazed internal doors, which let light flow through the space a little better and can help it feel brighter and more refreshing.

Similarly, white internal doors (and similarly bright or contemporary shades) reflect light more efficiently, helping the space to feel more open and expansive. For bedrooms, you might even want to consider mirrored closet doors. They’re even better for helping light to bounce around the room, so you’re not feeling too hemmed in when you hop out of bed first thing in the morning.

white door

You may well have your own tips and tricks, of course, but hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas! If you’re looking for the ideal internal doors to help you follow through on any of them, well, we’ve got good news for you – you can pop into any one of our DIY stores across the North West, and we’ll be only too happy to see how we can help. We’ve got a massive range of internal doors at each of our sites in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan, as well as a friendly bunch of staff who will be only too happy to provide any help or advice you need. Why not stop by, and see what you can find?