Our top 4 best-selling Zenith laminate kitchen worktops

lave in situ

Ever since we first introduced our Zenith range of laminate kitchen worktops here at Savoy Timber, they’ve been a firm favourite of many of our customers. To be honest, we’re not surprised! With an impressive range of colours and textures on offer, they’re amongst the most innovative, on-trend kitchen worktops to hit the market in recent years, with their ultra-thin appearance giving them a brilliantly stylish look. This week, we’re taking a quick overview of some of your favourites, and what exactly makes them so popular!

Lave Laminate Kitchen Worktop

lave worktop

The industrial kitchen trend has been established here in the UK for a good couple of years now, and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon. With its raw, powerful aesthetic, our Lave laminate worktop embodies all the qualities that people love most about this enduring kitchen trend. Its ultra-thin appearance is tempered with a natural aesthetic that gives it a gritty, unpolished feel.

To look at it, you can almost hear the clashing of pans, and the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced commercial kitchens that so influenced the industrial kitchen trend. The Lave is a fantastic addition to any interior, and fits particularly well with neutral colour schemes, with maybe a pop of colour from a copper kettle or scattered utensils.

Rouille Laminate Kitchen Worktop


Another strong entry in our list of most popular Zenith kitchen worktops, the Rouille has a noticeably different aesthetic than the Lave. The shade of this worktop is a deep, rich brown, and its texture perfectly echoes the beautiful imperfections of natural stone. Its deep coppery colour gives it a sophisticated look with an impressively striking appeal, making this worktop a popular choice for rustic, contemporary and industrial-styled kitchens alike!

Caldeira Laminate Kitchen Worktop


If you like the look of Lave and Rouille above, but can’t quite choose between them, then we’ve got good news for you – the Caldeira might be just what you’re looking for. As we touched upon the mainstream industrial kitchen trend has been around a little while now, and it’s gradually evolving over time. Several variations on the trend are moving away from the cooler, neutral colour schemes and incorporating warmer, earthier hues into their overall aesthetic. These variations are perfectly represented by Caldeira, which bridges the gap between the aesthetics of Lave and Rouille to give your kitchen a very distinctive look and character all of its own.

Woodstone Grey Laminate Kitchen Worktop

woodstone grey

Like the Caldeira, our Woodstone Grey Laminate Kitchen worktop blends two similar but slightly different aesthetics. This time, it’s the hardwearing beauty of granite rock mixed with the rich character of natural wood-effect, all protected by the trademark durability of laminate worktops. Granite worktops have always been a particular favourite of homeowners, but its cost and occasional vulnerability to cracking or chipping are both noticeable disadvantages. You’ll be glad to hear that laminate worktops don’t share that vulnerability, and are more cost-effective than solid stone options. Its durability, versatility, and undeniable aesthetic appeal all combine to make the Woodstone Grey Laminate Worktop a firm favourite of our customers – and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for some time yet!

If these have piqued your interest for your own kitchen at home, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve got lots more where these came from! In fact, our full range of Zenith worktops includes seven other options, including variants like the Pyla and the Alaska, so you’re certainly not spoiled for choice. You can browse them right here on our website, or alternatively pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan to see what they look like in person!