What Makes A Timber Decking Kit Such A Good Father’s Day Present?

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When it comes to presents for Father’s Day, decking kits might not be your first bright idea. But bear with us – at Savoy Timber we’ve got a couple of excellent reasons as to why they should be. And, as ever, the best thing is that they don’t have to break the bank either.

Garden Decking Is A Great Two-Man Project

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Obviously, even with our handy instruction guides, setting up your dad’s garden decking isn’t necessarily a quick task by most people’s standards. That makes it a great project for the two of you to tackle together, and an ideal time for some father-son or father-daughter bonding. On the other hand, if your father is one of those famous DIY Dads, all the better – you can still bond happily as he puts it together, except you can be in a nearby deckchair with a drink in hand. You know, just in case he needs some advice or anything.

Our Decking Kits Are Simple And Cost-Effective

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Even for people who want to get into doing it, we know that DIY can sometimes seem like a bit of a daunting pursuit. With products from Savoy Timber, you and your Dad don’t need to worry about any of that. Our products are specifically designed to be simple and easy to use (that’s why we call it – you guessed it – DIY Made Easy). And with our cheaper costs, buying one of our decking kits doesn’t have to leave you particularly out of pocket – great news for your Dad, as it gives him a bit more flexibility to experiment with décor and balustrades (just to name a few).

At Savoy Timber we’re nothing if not well-equipped, and we pride ourselves on having a wide range of decking sizes available. We can cater to modest plots just as well as sprawling lawns. If your Dad’s got a bit of space in his garden, we’ve almost certainly got a decking kit to suit him.

They’re Long-Lasting, Making Them Great Value

Most of us have had alcohol, cakes or chocolates for our birthdays – and let’s be honest, they’re brilliant, but they do tend to go quickly. The same can’t be said for decking for your Dad’s garden. What’s more, as we touched on briefly above, your Dad can decorate it according to his personal tastes.

Lots of fathers like to take ownership of an area of their gardens. For decades, it’s traditionally been the garden shed, but more and more often modern Dads are turning to the decking area. By getting a decking kit for your Dad, what you’re doing is giving him both a pet project and a place to express himself, and you just can’t put a price on that. (Obviously at Savoy Timber we sort of have to, but as we mentioned above it’s a really, really low one.)

Convinced yet? That’s not all from us – we’ve got a massive range of decking available with literally hundreds of alternatives, should anything else take your fancy. Just pick from one of the many products categories on our homepage, or pop in to see us in-store at locations in Blackpool, Preston and Wigan. We’ve got a lot of friendly lads on-staff who are only too happy to lend a hand!

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