The key advantages of getting your worktops cut to size

worktops bing resized

Here’s a quick scenario for you. Say that after much deliberation, you’ve picked out your new laminate kitchen worktops – you know exactly what they’re going to look like, and where they’re going to go. Before you go out and buy them though, it’s worth double and triple-checking the measurements. There’s nothing worse than buying a worktop that doesn’t quite fit the space you’ve got available.

But, you may be thinking, what happens if I end up wanting a worktop that’s not available in the right measurements? No worries there – you can actually have them cut to size, right here at Savoy Timber. We’ve got the facilities, expertise and equipment to handle it all right here in our stores. Here are four key benefits you’ll be able to enjoy!

1. Worktops that fit like a dream

Okay, so it’s worth starting with the most obvious one first. Of course, the main reason to have your worktops cut to size for you is that they’ll fit in your kitchen. While owners of large, open plan kitchens will probably have a bit more freedom in terms of how to arrange their space, for others of us the kitchen can be a lot more compact, which naturally has a big knock-on influence with our choice of available layout options. Whether you’ve got an expansive open kitchen, or a room where space is at a premium, by having your worktops cut to size you can be sure that they’ll slot into your room perfectly, fitting around any sinks, pipes, and other objects that you can’t move.

2. Get complete peace of mind from the professionals

We’ll let you in on a poorly-kept secret – when it comes to getting your laminate kitchen worktops cut to size, it’s actually perfectly possible to tackle the task yourself. It’s not too hard to do the job. The hard bit is actually getting the job done well. Plus there’s the time and effort (and often money) that you’ve got to dedicate to making sure you’ve got all the right tools, facilities and space to take on the job. At Savoy Timber, we can do all that for you in-house, saving you a whole lot of hassle, and giving you complete peace of mind in a laminate kitchen worktop that will fit your exact requirements.

When designing your kitchen, it’s vital that you spend the time getting all of the little details correct. If you have a worktop that doesn’t fit properly or would like yours cut before you fit them, take a look at our worktop cut to size service at Savoy Timber. Or, take a look at our full range of worktop materials either online or in one of our stores. Remember that our team are always happy to help if you have any questions!