The ideal kitchen worktops to complete your man-shed


The revered man-shed is a treasured dream for many of us, and a beautiful reality for a lucky few. Whether we’re fixing something up, repairing something, designing and building something new, assembling items, or just storing our legions of tools, the man-shed is the perfect haven. There are various locales we might choose – you might have renovated the old wooden shed at the bottom of the garden, or you might have co-opted a section of the garage. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure – you need a hardy and reliable surface to get the job done. That’s where our laminate kitchen worktops can come in handy – they’re useful in more places than one!

Woodstone Grey Zenith Compact Laminate Worktop

A seamless blend of style and substance, this brilliant worktop is as practical as it is beautiful. If your man-shed is established in a garage or other sort of structural extension, you may well find that the style of the Woodstone Grey’s look strikes a neat balance between hardy and durable, and sleek and stylish. If you’re the kind of person who likes to tinker in your shed, altering things or creating entirely new ones, the stylish look of the Woodstone Grey can really get your creative gears rolling.

Brazilia Wilsonart Square Edge Laminate Worktop

If you’re looking for a laminate worktop that means business, you won’t do much better than the square-edge Wilsonart Brazilia. Its tough, chunky look gives it a reliably hardy aesthetic, perfect if you’re planning on doing any hammering, drilling or sawing on or around it. These aesthetics, combined with the usual strengths of laminate worktops – their heat and moisture resistance, and sturdiness against casual impacts – makes it a favourite amongst true DIY enthusiasts.

Why choose a square edge worktop

Rouille Zenith Laminate Worktop

The Rouille Zenith is a particularly interesting one – if you’re a fan of the ultra-thin 12.5mm worktops, it’s a great place to start. Its rich brown shade makes it perfectly at home within wooden sheds and concrete garages alike, while lending its surroundings a great aesthetic appeal. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking to put an individual stamp on your man-shed, or give it a slightly more designer feel.

Natural Block Beech 40mm Worktop

The Natural Block Beech easily lives up to its name with a light, airy shade, which is ideal if you’re trying to brighten the place up a bit for work in the spring or summer. Like all our laminate worktops, though, its construction makes it resistant to moisture and stains, so you don’t have to worry about the care and maintenance that you’d usually need with real wooden worktops.

Mississippi Pine Wilsonart Square Edge Worktop

Again, don’t be fooled by the authentic wooden shade of the Mississippi Pine Wooden Heart worktop – it’s far hardier and more durable than real wood worktops. If you’re after a humbler, more care-worn appearance for your personal man-shed, this worktop is a brilliant one to choose; you can get exactly the aesthetic you want without all the effort that care and maintenance would usually require.

These are just our suggestions, though – you may well have your own idea of what you want! You’re in exactly the right place to find it, though. Here at Savoy Timber we’ve got a huge selection of laminate kitchen worktops, all equally hardy and in a wide range of styles and appearances to suit your tastes. You can browse our best-sellers here, or take a trip to any of our DIY stores across the North West to pick some out for yourself. We’ve got locations in Preston, Wigan and Blackpool, where our friendly members of staff are always about to lend any help or advice you might need!