The coolest kitchen trends we expect to see in 2022


Here at Savoy Timber, we like to keep our customers up to date with the neatest home improvement trends. 2022 looks set to be a year full of exciting kitchen combinations and we’re here to bring you the best of the lot. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your current kitchen, or you’re looking for your next new laminate kitchen worktops, our inspiration station should give you everything you need to tackle your kitchen planning.
This isn’t an exhaustive guide, but here are just a couple of our top favourite kitchen trends that are due to pop up this year!

Two-tone design

All you need to do is look across various interior home design websites to discover that two-tone design is one of the hot properties of 2022. Most designers are pushing this simplistic and chic look, and they do know best. Lighter colours will make the space look bigger, offering a little trick of the eyes, whilst also looking cleaner. We’re thinking blacks or navy blues on white are the way to go. There’s no denying this look is smart and will be across all kitchen showrooms for the next 12 months.

Smart kitchens, smart living

Smart tech is here to stay. There’s a chance you’re already rocking a smart TV or digital planner, but this year is the year that tech enters the kitchen. Digital gadgets make our lives easier, and that’s no different in the kitchen. We will see the wider use of appliances like the digital air fryer and the at-home cocktail machine to add that extra element of luxury to our life. But don’t worry, while some of the prices on these gadgets are slightly, shall we say, steep, there’s plenty out there to get your teeth into that will suit any budget. WIFI slow cookers and automatic pot stirrers are just a few of the handy, reasonably priced pieces of kit that you can get your hands on.


Open display shelves

Having open display shelves is one of the coolest design trends because they are simple and impactful. Storage is generally a big priority for almost any kitchen, and it’s no wonder really. Adding some more shelves – how about those with a rustic wooden look? – is practical and popular. The perfect place to put your pasta, store your cereal or hold your herbs, this stripped-back vibe will make your kitchen feel much cooler.

It’s all in the detail

While it’s important to get the main design of your kitchen right, what will bring your own personal character to the table will be in the details. The finer points of your kitchen can be chosen by you. Whether this be the design of your tea towels or the ornaments on the shelves, including finer details to your kitchen can give it that added spark that turns it from showroom style to the centre of your world.

Natural-looking laminate worktops

Rustic as a style is in right now, and that trend is overflowing to the hardware and worktops. Laminate worktops are super smart and come in an array of different styles. Wooden-looking worktops are warm, beautiful, and low-maintenance. They are as easy to clean as they are attractive. Natural-looking laminate is certainly worth a look if you’re redecorating your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a small change or a bigger makeover, our tips above should provide the inspiration you need to start making your mark. If it’s worktops you’re looking for, Savoy Timber offers a classy range of laminate worktops in multiple styles. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our stylish range here or contact us directly for the soundest advice on the market!