The Best Worktops For A Shaker Style Kitchen

The Best Worktops For A Shaker Style Kitchen

Last week on the blog, we took a look at the kinds of worktops that would complement a rustic kitchen. This week, it’s the turn of shaker style kitchens – one of the most popular kitchen styles in the UK. Classic Shaker style tends towards classic proportions, minimalist design and muted colours, so we’ll be sharing our pick of the best worktops to match.

Shaker – A Truly Versatile Kitchen Style

One of the best things about Shaker style kitchens is the design versatility. While Shaker design originated in the Quaker communities of North America, and featured quite rigid design rules, modern Shaker kitchens have become more flexible.

Kitchen cabinets still tend to feature a frame and inset panel design, but when it comes to worktops, your imagination is the only limit – it’s just a case of choosing the right tone and texture.

Worktops With A Blend Of Muted Tones

Shaker style kitchens work wonderfully with muted colours: sea mist, dove grey, porcelain white, and soft charcoal are all popular choices – and these look beautiful paired with clean, high gloss, naturally textured white laminate worktops, like our Cream Sparkle Gloss Laminate Worktop.

Cream Sparkle Gloss Laminate Worktop

Coffee and cream Laminate Worktops

Shaker kitchens are so popular precisely because they capture the comfort and cosiness of home: think baking bread and freshly brewed coffee. Taking that as inspiration, cream Shaker cabinets are the perfect companion to our Brown Granite Gloss Laminate Worktop, with its chic square edge.

A blend of warm taupe, rich brown and soft grey accents, this hard-wearing, high-shine worktop is a perfect contrast to pale walls and units.

Brown Granite Gloss Laminate Worktop

Sage and stone Laminate Kitchen Worktops

One of the most popular colour choices for Shaker kitchens right now is sage – a soft, mossy green that’s muted enough to act as a neutral tone.

This versatile colour sets off highly textured dark worktops perfectly – we think it’s a great match for our Everest Black Gloss Laminate Kitchen Worktop, with its high-shine marble effect.

Everest Black Gloss Laminate Kitchen Worktop

Real wood laminate worktops

If you’ve got a little time to dedicate to caring for your worktops, the richness of real wood could be perfect for your Shaker style kitchen. Our solid oak worktops can be oiled and stained to match the boldest or most minimalist Shaker kitchen out there.

A pale wax finish would be a beautiful addition to a kitchen with dark charcoal cabinets, while a dark stain could set off cream or stone cabinets to perfection.

solid oak worktops

Complete Your Shaker Kitchen With A Beautiful Worktop

While the star of the Shaker kitchen show has to be the cabinetry, the work surfaces are most definitely the support act.

Whether you opt for real wood worktops or one of our convincingly natural laminate worktops, which offer years of high durability and style, choose a colour and texture that will complement or contrast against your walls and units.

Shaker kitchens are all about the room as a whole – think natural, cosy and subtly chic, and you won’t go far wrong.

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