The Best Materials for Your Internal Doors

Best Door Materials

Internal doors make a huge difference to the aesthetic finish of a room. The right doors can enhance the style, whereas the wrong doors can have a more serious impact than you might give it credit for! In this article, we’ll take a quick look at four different materials for internal doors, as well as give you some helpful design ideas.


Pine doors are a budget choice. Pine is readily available and, therefore, inexpensive. You can pick up cheap pine panelled doors for less than £50, which makes them a good choice if you are shopping on a budget. Knotty pine is usually cheaper than clear pine. Choose from four-panelled and six-panelled doors, glazed doors, bi-folding doors, and more.

Because pine is such a versatile material, it fits in well with most decorative schemes. Pine can be stained, varnished, or painted. If you live in a period property, look for a pine door to suit. For example, four-panelled doors are appropriate for the Victorian era, but if your home dates back to the 1930s, a 30’s style door will be more appropriate.
However, pine is soft and susceptible to knocks and scratches, so they need a bit of tender care and attention from time to time!


Oak is the next step up from pine pricewise, but it’s just as versatile. Oak doors come in a huge range of styles, from modern through to more traditional. You can buy unfinished oak doors, so you can add a coat of varnish or stain to suit your décor. Or you can buy pre-finished doors to save you time and effort.

Solid oak internal doors are a premium choice for any home, period or modern. They will withstand all manner of knocks, bumps, and abuse while retaining the looks that attracted you in the first place.


Walnut is a beautifully stylish option for a home; it is a rich, dark wood and is one of the most elegant hardwoods on the market. Internal doors made from walnut work well in a contemporary home, but they are equally suitable for more traditional properties. Walnut doors are available in a range of styles, including glazed and semi-glazed.

If you want walnut doors for your home, you’re looking at a bit more than pine or oak, but they’re far from sky-high prices. Bear in mind that black walnut can fade in sunlight, too, so if your door is in direct natural light then be prepared for it to lose its colour over time.

Here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got doors to suit all homes, giving you plenty of options to pick the one that best suits your style!