The 5 most impressive kitchen worktop trends in 2021 so far

Kitchen Worktops

The worktop is one of the most underestimated elements in the kitchen, with an incredible ability to transform your space! A well-chosen counter can make all the difference between an ordinary kitchen and one that you’ll feel proud to cook in. From brightly coloured laminate kitchen worktops to statement granite, find inspiration for yours with our top 5 kitchen trends of 2021.

1. Match your island to your splashback

Islands are increasingly popular, especially as open plan kitchens become more common. They’re a great way to connect your kitchen to your living or dining space, but they’re also a brilliant design feature! For a modern, designer look, match your island worktop to your splashback on the wall behind, and opt for a detailed or colourful top to create a bold statement. Stick with a neutral counter on the remaining tops to help your island pop.

2. Opt for darker shades

Light shades will always have their place in the world of worktop trends, but this year dark tones are stealing the spotlight. Dark greys and blacks create a cosy, stylish feel to a kitchen and are much easier to maintain. If you’re prone to spills in your kitchen, a dark counter will hide them well until you find a moment to wipe them away! To stay on trend, opt for matte finishes on your dark worktops.

3. Natural effect laminate kitchen worktops

Laminate kitchen worktops aren’t a new trend. Their durability and wipe-clean simplicity make them a popular choice in many homes – especially if you’ve got a messy chef! In 2021, it’s all about laminate that closely resembles natural materials, like wood or stone. If you love industrial styles, you’ll fit right in with current trends by opting for a cloudy cement laminate.

Kitchen Worktops
4. Patterned worktops with neutral surroundings

If you want your worktops to become the centrepiece of your kitchen, invest in a boldly patterned, high-quality material. From thick-veined, red marble to granite infused with blacks and gold, there are plenty of options out there. Be prepared to invest if you want a statement piece as these materials certainly aren’t cheap, but their appearance is well worth it. (Of course, if you want a cost-effective alternative, you can always check out the range of marble effect laminate worktops we have right here at Savoy Timber!)

5. Textured neutrals

Neutral tones make a great backdrop for your kitchen, letting you be bolder in other areas like your flooring or cabinet choices. However, just because you’re going neutral doesn’t mean your worktops will be boring! Add life to simple tones with texture, choosing materials with slight colour variations throughout, like stone, to maintain a luxury feel in your space.

Every aspect of your kitchen is important, but your worktops really can make a huge difference to the overall look of your space. Take time finding the right option for yours and remember to consider the rest of your kitchen before you finalise your choice. If you need a little more inspiration, check out our online shop at Savoy Timber for a wide range of laminate worktop choices, or visit one of our shops in Wigan, Preston, or Blackpool. If you need a hand, our team will be more than happy to help!