The 4 best reasons to choose a laminate kitchen worktop over quartz

laminate solid core

Quartz is undeniably popular as a worktop material in the UK right now, and in many ways that’s no surprise – with its durability, and appearance and overall quality, it’s easy to see the attraction of quartz for many homeowners. But we’re here to say: don’t discount laminate just yet! Laminate worktops have their own distinct set of benefits that are sometimes overlooked in favour of granite – here are four of the biggest!

Laminates are the cheapest kitchen worktops

It probably comes as no surprise that price is one of the single biggest factors which influences the buying decision when it comes to kitchen worktops, and in this regard laminate definitely comes out on top. It’s cheaper than any other worktop material, making it an affordable way to outfit a brand new kitchen, or change up the look of an existing space. It also means they’re cheaper to replace further down the line.

Greater choice of designs and textures

Both quartz worktops and laminate worktops are available in a wide range of solid colours, the designs of quartz worktops are limited by the nature of the material, and formulating new ones tends to require some quite intensive research and development. Since laminate worktops are more synthetic in nature, with the outermost layer being composed of Kraft paper and synthetic resins, it means that they can provide a much wider choice of colours and designs.

rouille laminate kitchen worktop

For instance, the beautiful veining and crystalline structure found in natural marble tends to be better captured by the designs of laminate worktops, rather than those of quartz. (Just take a quick look at our Prima Calcutta Marble Radiance 40mm laminate worktop to get an idea of what we’re talking about.) That’s just one example though – it opens up a whole range of design possibilities for your kitchen!

You can ‘get the look’ with Ultra Slim laminate worktops

This should probably go under the heading above if we’re completely honest, but the Ultra Slim laminate worktops are so popular that we thought they deserved a heading all of their own! They measure only 12.5mm deep, making them the ultimate stylish worktop to enhance any kind of kitchen. Just like other laminate kitchen worktops in our range, they’re available in a huge range of styles and colours, including eye-catching shades like our Rouille Zenith compact laminate worktop, or our Alaska Zenith compact laminate worktop.

Laminate worktops are easier to fit (but we can help you out there)

Quartz worktops are almost entirely composed of rock, and as you’d probably expect, that makes them difficult to move, cut and fit yourself. Laminate worktops are a lot easier to handle, and can be cut and fitted using tools and equipment that most people have at home.

laminate counter

If you don’t fancy the job though, don’t worry – that’s where we can help right here at Savoy Timber. Our motto is ‘DIY Made Easy’, and in that spirit we offer a Cut to Size service, in which we can use our own in-house experts and equipment to get your worktop to the exact length you want it, so that it’s ready to fit in your kitchen.

You can read more about our Cut to Size service, or start shopping our stone effect kitchen worktops right here on our site. Alternatively, if you want to inspect our laminate kitchen worktops more closely for yourself, feel free to pay a visit to one of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, where our friendly staff members are always happy to lend a hand!