The 3 easiest DIY repairs to make around your home

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DIY skills are always helpful skills to possess as a homeowner, as they allow you to get the home you’ve always wanted without having to pay lots of money for contractors to do it for you. When you can ‘Do It Yourself’ you can not only renovate your home and add exciting new features, you can carry out repairs that keep your property in great shape year after year. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and here are just three suggestions.

1. Repairing and refreshing your kitchen worktops

A great kitchen worktop should be both practical and beautiful; it’s a place where you can prepare food safely and hygienically, but it’s also a place by which you can chat with loved ones or house guests. Worktops in natural materials like wood or stone can take a lot of wear and tear though, and that can leave them looking tired, chipped or faded, so the ideal DIY repair is to install laminate kitchen worktops. Putting them in place is a simple process and once installed, they are remarkably easy to clean, and tough and durable too. One of the great advantages of a laminate kitchen worktop is that as well as being cost-effective, they come in a variety of styles, so you can have laminate kitchen surfaces that look like wood or natural stone.

Quick and easy kitchen makeovers

2. Carpet repairs

Carpets are another area of our homes that are put under a lot of pressure over the years, and few things look less welcoming than torn or frayed carpets! DIY carpet repairs can be as simple as patching a hole with matching material, so be sure to take some discreet fibres from your carpet to the retailer to ensure you get a perfect match. Carpets can also harbour dust mites, however, and cleaning them can be time consuming, so once again many people are switching to laminate tiled flooring. It can easily be installed by just one person, and you can find a colour and style to match your own personal tastes or to provide a perfect complement to your laminate kitchen worktops.

3. Reseal your windows

Nobody wants to live in a draughty home, but if you have old windows, they could be letting you down. Draughts mean that you have to turn your heating up, and that’s bad for the environment and your bank account, but it can easily be solved by adding caulk to the cracked areas of wall around the windows which are allowing draughts in, or by replacing the old weather strips in the affected area. The only difficult part is locating the source of the draught, but you can do this by moving a lighted candle around the window and noting when the flame starts to flutter.

Adding laminate kitchen worktops or flooring can transform your home, and is a quick and simple DIY process, and resealing windows to prevent draughts is even easier. The materials you need don’t have to be expensive either! And if you’re looking for laminate worktops, you can get them right here from us at Savoy Timber. With three DIY stores all across the North West in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan, we’re never too far away!