Style And Convenience: Top Tips To Redesign Your Kitchen For 2018

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Christmas can be a pretty intensive time for your kitchen worktops – in fact, for your kitchen in general! Amongst all the Christmas parties, family meals, and general chaos, even the roomiest of kitchens can start to feel fairly cramped. In which case, a kitchen island might be just the ticket to help you revolutionise your kitchen’s use of space for the New Year.

Switch Up Your Storage Solutions

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One of the most important advantages of kitchen islands right off the bat is that they can add valuable storage space in addition to your kitchen cabinetry. If you’re struggling to file away all your pots, pans and plates, you can create a kitchen island to include the options of hidden drawers, pull-out shelves and even full-on cabinets that you can use to take the pressure off a bit, and avoid any of those precarious stacking scenarios. What’s more, the underneath of a kitchen island makes a particularly good storage space because it doesn’t interfere with the main preparation area.

A Kitchen Island Gives You More Room To Work

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When cooking large family meals, the fact that everything is scaled up can sometimes cause you a headache. You know the sort of thing; you’ve got to clear space for the potatoes, but if you do that there’s no room to chop the peppers. This is most apparent at Christmas, but if you’ve got a larger family you might find it to be a common hassle! Expanding your laminate kitchen worktops with a kitchen island – or even creating an L-shape in your kitchen – can give you valuable room you need to prepare meals properly without having to tuck your elbows into your sides.

Making Your Kitchen Into A Truly Social Space

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It’s not just food preparation that benefits from a better use of space. In social situations – even if you’ve just got one or two friends round for drinks – you’ll quickly see the advantages in having a kitchen island or L shape. It gives you a place to rest the food you’ve spent so long cooking, and it’s easier for guests to get to it than it might be on a simple straight-edge laminate kitchen worktop. Plus, it provides a valuable hub for people to gather and socialise, swapping stories and even forming friendships. It stops guests from getting restless or constantly pausing to find a place to put down (and then pick up) their drinks or plates. When next year’s Christmas party comes around, you’ll soon spot what a difference it makes!

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