Square edged worktops to suit every kitchen design

Square edged worktops to suit every kitchen design

Your worktop is no small part of your overall kitchen design, so it’s vital you choose a surface that works for you and your home.

This week on the blog, we’re taking a closer look at square edged worktops – the latest in modern kitchen design. No matter what look and feel you prefer – from classic granite effect to sturdy oak or smooth laminate – our square edged kitchen worktops are the perfect ingredient for a stylish kitchen.

Simple, timeless elegance

laminate wood effect square edge worktop

Square edge kitchen worktops are enjoying a surge in popularity as people realise what a difference their clean lines and sleek edges can make to a room.

Stylish square edged worktops can help to elongate cosy galley kitchens, giving the illusion of more space, while in larger kitchens, their neat edges become a showpiece, contributing symmetry and balance.

They add a touch of the contemporary to rustic, country-style kitchens, lending a subtly edgy feel to rooms where traditional and modern come together in harmony. Best of all, they offer a sense of timeless elegance – while other trends may come and go, square edge chic is set to last.

Summer sale kitchen worktop deals

40mm square edge worktop sale

We’ve got savings right across the board on our square edged worktops, so no matter what kind of kitchen design you’re looking for, we offer our customers real value for money on the highest quality kitchen furnishings.

There’s up to 50% off our white square edged 40mm Andromeda Gloss Laminate Worktop – available in elegant black and bright white.

If modern rustic is more your style, our square edged solid oak 40mm kitchen worktop – available in 30 and 40mm widths – are the ideal choice; we’ve got savings of up to 40% on these stunning real wood worktops. Or, you can combine the look of real timber with the convenience and easy care of laminate with our square edged Blocked Oak 40mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop – also 50% off.

And, for classic, earthy beauty, our marble-effect brown granite gloss 40mm kitchen worktop combines warm and cool tones with a high-shine finish – and with half-price savings, it’s an affordable way to add beauty to your home for years to come.

Browse our range of ABS square edged worktops now, and remember to look out for the Savoy Gold Star for the best deals!

Custom finished kitchen worktops – perfect fit

Here at Savoy, we’re ready to help you make the right decision for your home. Our expert team of kitchen worktop specialists are always on hand to advise, and our in-house worktop fabrication workshop means you’ll get an professionally jointed worktop that’s the perfect fit.

Square edged worktops are most definitely in, so all you have to do is choose the kind of work surface that suits your kitchen best.

We’ve got stunning, affordable worktops to fit with every kind of kitchen design – from country farmhouse comfort to sleek German minimalism, so take a look today and choose the square edged worktop that’s right for you.

Want to know more about our square edged worktops? Chat to us on Twitter @SavoyTimber or call us on 0345 0268 799.