Smart kitchens – how technology is revolutionising the way we cook

Future Kitchen

“Hey Google! Get started on the Sunday roast!” It’s perhaps not a phrase you’ve heard before – not one that works, at least – but we could be hearing similar phrases in the not too distant future. It’s all to do with the meteoric rise of smart technology in everything from our cars to our homes. Specifically, it’s related to the gradual development of the Internet of Things; the idea of constant connectivity and communication between not just our mobiles and computers, but other physical items and systems like our lights, our TVs and central heating. Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest are all examples of this interconnectivity in action.

Some experts estimate that we’ll have 75.4 billion devices like this by 2025. What’s more, we’ll be able to do more than just control them – they may even be able to adapt to our lifestyles, and changing their functions according to the way we live. That might sound amazing or it might sound slightly terrifying, depending on your outlook. To see more examples, you need look no further than the general direction of your laminate kitchen worktops – our kitchens are already seeing this sort of development already! So then, what kind of technology can we expect to see in today’s smart kitchens, and those of the not-so-distant future?

Fridges that keep you posted

A whole range of smart technology has already been developed for that reliable kitchen companion; the humble fridge. One of the most popular, a fridge camera, was designed to cut down on kitchen waste by (amongst other things) helping homeowners identify what items they need for their evening meal while they’re out shopping. That way, they can make an informed, on-the-spot decision about whether they really need to buy more of specific foods. As the technology develops, this may evolve into a system that lets you know the rough condition of your food and its sell-by date, so you know whether or not you need to buy any replacements.

Another piece of existing fridge technology revolves around push notifications, in which your fridge can send a message to your mobile to let you know that a door has been left open – helping you actively cut down on wasted energy.

Increasingly helpful ovens

It’s fair to say that ovens already do a lot of the hard work for us when it comes to cooking. With gradual advancements in technology though, they could be doing even more! Some smart ovens are already fitted with increasingly sophisticated settings for specific recipes – like baking pies or the perfect Sunday roast. In the future, you may be able to do this with an even greater variety of meals, allowing the oven to use sensors and automatic temperature settings to cook your food to perfection. We can only hope that one day the technology will exist so that you don’t have to turn your fishcakes yourself!

The coffee makers that brew up for you

There’s no doubt that tea and coffee are the glues that bind our social fabric together, so smart tea and coffee makers are likely to be a godsend here in the UK. Already Nespresso have developed a model which allows you to remotely make your drinks remotely using your phone or tablet, schedule brewing, or even reorder capsules. It means we’re already living in a world where it’s possible to wake up and make tea from your bed, ready for when you trot downstairs for breakfast. Isn’t the future brilliant?


And speaking of brilliant – we can only wonder whether the Internet of Things will ever reach our humble kitchen worktops. Will we have worktops that change colour according to the time you set your tablet’s clock? Perhaps we’ll have laminate worktops that clean themselves, or heat themselves up in order to evaporate any spilled liquids. We can only dream. Until then, though, we think you’ll agree that regular laminate worktops do the job just fine. We’ve got a fantastic range of them right here at Savoy Timber – why not take a look through our best-selling range, and see if anything catches your eye?