Should you build your deck in winter?


We’ve been hit with back-to-back storms in the last few weeks and eventually, we might even get hit with a bit of frost and snow! For some people, winter may not seem like the best time to build a deck, but you might be surprised!

Winter presents a specific window of time in the year where the air is normally dry and cool. Dry cool air creates the perfect conditions for completing timber projects, and here are a few reasons why…

Easy to stain

As you savvy DIYers and builders may know, staining your deck in spring and summer presents its own set of challenges, particularly here in the North. Rain showers and simply more humidity in the air can cause moisture to get absorbed into the wood.

If the decking wood is sealed under humid conditions it may lock in the moisture causing rot, peeling or even splitting. Additionally, having additional moisture in the air can make it more difficult for the wood to absorb the staining treatment.

The weather in winter and early spring can create the most ideal conditions for staining your deck!

oiling decking boards

Dry timber

As we’ve said, winter and early spring can create conditions that are perfect for laying timber. Winter also presents a good time to inspect and replace your decking boards if they are old, split, or warped.

Treated timber, in particular, dries out more evenly if it’s not under direct sunlight, the air is dry and the temperature is mild. What’s more, having dry timber to build your decking can help prevent it from cracking, splitting, and more importantly warping.

Warping can occur in your decking boards when moisture seeps into the wood fibres and then it dries out unevenly. The drier part of the wood shrinks faster and causes stress points in the wood changing its shape — causing the wood to warp.

timber decking board sample feature image

Minimal damage to your landscaping

Working on stable firm ground (like the frosty conditions in winter) can prevent you from damaging your landscaping. This is because the ground is generally more solid, preventing damage from slips, spills, and even large pieces of timber.

Plus, if you do happen to damage the grass it has time to grow back before you’ll be regularly using your deck!

Enjoy your deck sooner

Building your deck in the winter means you’ll have more time to enjoy it in the spring and summer. Plus, you’ll tick off one of your spring projects earlier, giving you more time to relax or do other jobs.

A deck built in winter may have advantages compared to other times of the year. This year has been unusually warm and rainy. We don’t recommend you build your deck in extreme weather (cold or hot) nor during the rain — to avoid damaging the wood!

Finish your project quickly with a decking kit

Building your deck can be much faster, simpler, and easier with our decking kits. They come in just about every size — big, small, rectangular or square. Our decking kit comes with a full set of clear step-by-step instructions and all the fixings you’ll need to do the job.

why choose timber spindles or panels for your decking balustrade feature image

You’ll only need to pick up a few bags of concrete, which is better to do much closer to when you’ll build your deck because damp or expired concrete mix can reduce the quality of your final project.

We also offer composite decking boards if you want a low-maintenance and long-lasting material for your deck! If you’re still not sure or need additional advice, give us a call or pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool, and Wigan.