Revamp Your Kitchen With A New Brand-New Worktop For 2018!

white kitchen wooden worktop

As we come to the end of another year, it’s likely that some of you are already thinking about new beginnings. And while you’re on that topic – shouldn’t your kitchen get a look in? Your laminate kitchen worktops are a central element in the look and feel of your kitchen, so starting your New Year with new worktops can give your kitchen a completely revitalised style. Not convinced? Well, let us explain…

Why Are Kitchen Worktops Important?

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It’s simple, really. When you walk into a kitchen – any kitchen – the worktops are one of the first things you see. That makes them a major factor in determining the kitchen’s overall style. In turn, this means that if you want your kitchen to project a certain impression, you should first look to your worktops! Wood effect laminate worktops, for example, can embody a kitchen with a certain sense of warmth and cosiness – which as you can imagine is particularly popular at this time of year! Grey concrete worktops, meanwhile, will give your kitchen more of a rugged industrial feel, and a well-judged black kitchen worktop can give it an impressive visual weight and striking impact.

Amongst our range here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got plenty of textured worktops to add an intriguing visual element to your kitchen. If you’re confident in what sort of style you want for your kitchen, you can even experiment by adding a smooth, white-marbled textured kitchen worktops to a powerfully rugged industrial kitchen (for example), creating a truly unique style for your kitchen.

Which Kitchen Worktops Should You Choose?

butchers block worktop

That is indeed the question! If you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen for the New Year, Savoy Timber is your one-stop shop. We’ve got a huge range of laminate worktops in various shades and finishes. Amongst our favourites are the Walnut Butcher Block 30mm laminate kitchen worktop, which gives your kitchen a hefty dose of that rich, natural warmth we talked about above.

On the other hand, you might find yourself more drawn to our Pearl White 30mm laminate kitchen worktop, which has a clean, bright aesthetic which would make it fit in right at home in a contemporary styled kitchen. You’ve also got the option of our Jet 30mm laminate kitchen worktop, which fits seamlessly into a variety of industrial-themed kitchens. What’s more, its rich texture gives it an added visual appeal. Obviously, every one of these suggestions shares that same ruggedness, reliability, resistance and cost-effectiveness that laminate worktops are known and loved for – especially by our customers here at Savoy Timber!

If you’re after any help or advice, or you want to see some of these worktops samples in the flesh, look no further. All you have to do is pop into your nearest store. We’ve got several scattered across the North West, including locations in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan. Pay a visit to your nearest one to say hello, and one of our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to lend a helping hand if necessary.

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