What to remember when measuring your kitchen worktops

What to remember when measuring your worktops

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just a homeowner who loves a challenge, it’s important to know the basics of measuring your kitchen ready for cut to size worktops. Take a look at some of our top tips below, and make sure your kitchen worktops are perfectly made to measure.

What you’ll need

tape measure

Replacing your kitchen worktops is a relatively simple way to create a bold new look. But before you get started measuring up for your cut to size worktops, you’ll need:

  • A tape measure
  • A pen and paper

If you’re replacing like for like…

If you’re looking to replace your old kitchen worktop with a cut to fit worktop of the same size, all you need to do is measure the old worktop – lucky you!

Measuring up from scratch

measuring the height of worktops

If you’ve got units in place but no worktops, the process is a little more involved. But, it doesn’t need to be a complicated affair – take it slow and steady, and you’ll be ready for your cut to size worktops in no time.

  1. Sketch a rough plan of your kitchen – it doesn’t need to be to scale; it’s just good to have a visual guide to refer back to when you’re placing your order.
  2. Starting from the left of your kitchen, work round in a clockwise direction, measuring the length of each bank of cabinets. While the lengths will vary, depth is commonly around 560-600mm.
  3. Once you’ve got your basic measurements, remember to add in extra length and depth to allow for overhang. Aim for a front edge overhang of 10-20mm, and a 25-30mm overhang on the short edges (not including those that are flush to the wall, of course).

If you are cutting the worktops to size yourself, remember to also add in extra length and depth for fitting – it’s far better to cut a worktop down than to find you’ve made a mistake and have no extra surface to play with!

Cut to size worktops

cut to size worktop

Alternatively, we can cut your worktop to the exact length you need, saving you time and money, and guaranteeing you beautifully precise results.

Simply select our ‘cut to exact length’ option and choose a piece that is longer than you need (for example, if you require a worktop 1.8m long, our nearest size is 2m) then let us know your exact size requirements in the comments section at checkout.

Our Exact Length service is available on a wide range of our quality laminate kitchen worktops for just £5.00 extra.

Worktop jointing and fabrication services

Worktop Jointing and Fabrication Service

Our expert worktop jointing and fabrication services are available on all of our laminate kitchen worktops, so you can enjoy that designer kitchen finish whichever of our cut to size worktops you choose.

We can cut your worktop to the exact size you require, adding in corner joints and edging the worktops to 45 degrees for an attractive finish.

We can also cut your edges to 45 degrees and round off your breakfast bar to your unique specification – all the work is carried out to the highest professional standards, with the finished product delivered straight to your door.

Check out our worktop fabrication services for edging and jointing, and follow us @SavoyTimber for more DIY tips!