Protect Your Solid Wood Worktops This Christmas

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It’s no secret that your kitchen worktops undergo a lot of punishment in the Christmas season. With mountainous meals and an abundance of alcohol, it takes a bit of extra care to protect your worktops – particularly if they’re of the solid wood variety. Solid wood worktops are especially in-season at Christmas; they go nicely with the cosy, family sense of Christmas spirit. They’re not quite as hardly as laminate kitchen worktops though, so in this week’s blog we’re giving you a few handy hints on keeping them looking at their jolliest.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

 pans on worktop

Ah, that old adage. It’s one of those famous sayings that applies to almost any situation, which includes advice about your worktops! Heat damage is one of the factors that can be very damaging to a solid wood worktop, and there’s nothing worse than picking up a hot pan from its surface to find that some of the wood comes with it. To avoid this, it’s always worth putting down some kind of mat or cover between the hot utensils and the worktop itself, even if it’s just a glass chopping board or something similar. Just keep the hot pans away from the wood!

On a similar note, it’s always wise to mop up any spills immediately. Water damage is no picnic for a wooden worktop either, and if you’re not careful, it can all too easily seep into the wood and mark it. That goes for food, too – if anything drops onto your worktops, clean them immediately to make sure that debris or surface stains are removed. But if the worst does happen, don’t despair…

Cleaning Difficult Stains From Your Wooden Worktops

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So, someone’s spilled some food. It could be jam, porridge, or just juices. Whatever the case, you’re left with a slightly stained worktop and you’re miffed. What to do? Well, first, wipe down the worktops with a micro-fibre cloth dipped in a solution of lukewarm, soapy water. That should get at least some of it.

Following on from that, we’d recommend using the following mixture to tackle what’s left:

  • 2 small cups of water
  • ¼ of a cup of white vinegar
  • A tablespoon of washing-up liquid

When you’ve mixed all that together, your best bet it to apply it using a clean spray bottle, so you can mist the worktops lightly with the solution, before wiping it away with a damp cloth. After that, dry the worktop thoroughly. Voila! You are the proud owner of a once-again clean wooden worktop.

Here at Savoy Timber, we understand your pride. We offer a number of solid wood worktops, all of which can provide a fantastic sense of character to your kitchen. Why not pop into any one of our showrooms in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan to see them in person. While you’re there, don’t hesitate to direct any questions to our friendly members of staff, who are always happy to help out!

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