Pre-Finished Doors To Revitalise Your Home For 2018

pre finished door

We find that at this time of year, many of our customers are looking to upgrade their home to kick off the New Year in style. You’ll be happy to hear that at Savoy Timber, we’re right there with you. We pride ourselves on our huge range of oak internal doors – and if you’re looking to change up the style of your home’s internal doors for the New Year, we’ve got a couple of tip-top suggestions right off the bat! Allow us to explain…

Victorian 4 Panel Pre-Finished Oak Door

victorian pre finished door

As one of our pre-finished wooden doors, this Victorian 4-Panel embodies all the best qualities that everyone loves about pre-finished doors. Namely, the time and effort that they save! Pre-finished doors are what they sound like; they’re already finished in 6 coats of factory-applied lacquer, guaranteeing a fantastic finish with zero imperfections. On top of that, this Victorian oak internal door has a remarkable style that speaks for itself. Its traditionally styled raised and fielded panels give it a versatile appearance that allows it to fit in effortlessly with modern and period properties alike.

Palermo Pre-Finished Oak Door with Clear Glass

palermo pre finished oak door

A single vertical glazed panel is the most distinguishable feature of this smart Palermo door. Its clean lines give it a certain beauty in simplicity that makes it supremely appealing amongst our customers here at Savoy Timber, and its pre-finished nature once again means that you can skip out on all the hard work of finishing it yourself – an especially tricky task if you want to keep the glass clean and visible!

The glazed panel is made of toughened safety glass, so that there’s no chance of it shattering – in fact, there’s very little chance of it showing visible damage at all, as long as it’s treated properly. It’s a fantastic option if you want a sturdy oak internal door but also one that will let in a flood of natural light, helping to make the space look brighter and more cheerful whatever the weather outside.

Mexicano Pre-Finished Oak Door With Bevelled Glass

 mexicano with bevelled glass

Speaking of natural light, our Mexicano Pre-Finished Oak Doors can provide it in spades with its six distinctive bevelled glass panels. Ultimately the door has a very farmhouse kind of look – perfect if you’re going for that rustic aesthetic for your home, or looking to add a touch of traditionalism into an otherwise modern style. Right now, we’re also offering half-price handle sets with this door, so you can even get the look for less.

Of course, this is just a selection of our favourites – our range doesn’t end there! You can browse our site to discover what’s new in our inventory of oak internal doors, bifold doors and sliding doors, and find your favourites. Don’t forget, our friendly team are always on hand to help. Just pay a visit to any of our stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, where we’ll be only too happy to lend a helping hand.

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