Pre-Finished Doors Can Save You Time And Money This Christmas

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You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t live a busy life today – especially at Christmas, where we’ve barely got enough time to nip to the shops, much less have the time to finish an oak internal door. We understand that at Savoy Timber – which is why we save you all the hard work by doing it for you.

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Why Buy A Pre-Finished Door At Christmas?

 mexicano style oak door

Once December rolls around, you may well find yourself experiencing that sad but universal truth: managing a to-do list that’s spiralling rapidly out of control. You need to get time off work for when you pick the kids up for the holidays, you’ve got to get the house ready for the inevitable festive knees-up, you need to buy wrapping paper, and oh yes, you definitely need to do your Christmas shopping (are you getting anything for Nana this year? Must ask about that).

With all that flitting round your head, having time to finish your brand-new door is likely going to be the last thing on your mind. Not ours! When you order a pre-finished internal door from us, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all the sanding and finishing is already going to be 100% complete by the time it reaches you. During this process, it’s factory lacquered with up to 6 coats of paint applied. This ensures that the consistency of the lacquer is maintained all the way through, and there are absolutely no brush marks or imperfections.

In short, you can count on your door to be absolutely flawless – fitting in seamlessly with your spruced-up house in time for the family to visit!

Just A Few Of Our Suggestions…

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If you’re looking for inspiration on the ideal internal doors for your home, our experts at Savoy Timber have got a few suggestions we think you’ll like! These include our Mexican Pre-Finished Oak Internal Door – it’s a classic look that’s versatile and uncomplicated, and fits seamlessly in with almost any style of home. It’s the very epitome of beauty in simplicity.

Meanwhile, our Alumni Pre-Finished Portici Style Oak Door with Clear Glass goes in the other direction entirely, as one of the more elaborate products amongst our range. It’s a five-panelled style contemporary door that incorporates a mixture of vertical and horizontal oak veneer, giving it a complex and intriguing visual appeal. Four of its five panels feature a long vertical panel that lets in floods of natural light – which is a pretty scarce resource at this time of year!

Here at Savoy Timber, we’re committed to not only providing you quality products at competitive prices, but also a top-notch service, too. Our work on our pre-finished oak internal doors is only a part of this; you can also expect our experts in our stores at Preston, Blackpool and Wigan to be ready to dole out any friendly advice that you might need, so if you have any questions – just ask!

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