Positioning Your Decking: Sunshine Or Shade?

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What you use your decking for will always be a central question in your head when deciding where to position it. Or it should be, anyway! Depending on your plans, you might find that bright sunlight or cool shade better suits your intended purposes, so it’s important to think about which you want most for your decking before you set it up. Once you’ve made up your mind, all that’s left is to work out where to position your decking so that you can make the most of it!

Decking In The Sunshine

 decking in the sunshine

Now that we’re properly in the midst of summer here in Britain, it’s the time of year when almost all of us will be working to get the very most out of our decking. And if we’ve built our decking back in the winter, it’s possible we’ve put it together with some summer activities in mind.

We’re not necessarily referring to big-scale events like barbecues (although not ruling them out!), but often a sunny decking area is great for some quiet, everyday activities. We’re talking about things like dining, entertaining friends and family, or even just reading your book – possibly with a glass of your preferred alcohol to hand. All of which you can obviously do inside too, but it’s great to be able to enjoy them in some proper summer heat and sunshine, don’t you think?

And naturally, you might find a cheeky bit of sun-lounging is in order too. After all, if you don’t live near any beaches your decking area might well be the second-best place to get some colour on your skin.

Cool Off On Your Decking In The Shade

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Then there’s always the other side of the coin – some lovely summer shade. At Savoy Timber we understand that not everyone is mad about hot weather, and you might find the idea of relaxing in the shade more appealing instead, especially if you burn easily. Plus, if you have an active day job that means you’ve been exposed to blazing sunlight all day, it might be that the last thing you want is to come and see any more of it at home.

In these instances, a cool, quiet, shaded decking area can give you a place to kick back while still enjoying the best of the British summertime – that is, without cooping yourself up inside. The parents amongst you might have younger children to think about, and might not want them playing all day with the sun beating down on their heads. In this case, a shaded decking area might suit you perfectly. A shaded decking area can also make a great al-fresco workplace, where a sunny decking area might fall short slightly (the sun’s glare can play havoc with your ability to see computer screens properly).

Of course, you may well have your own ideas for what you’d like to do out on your decking! Whatever you decide, it’s always a good plan to take it into account when deciding where to build your decking, and whether you’d like it to be in the sun or shade. It might end up making more difference than you’d think!

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